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"You'll stay with me?'

'Until the very end,' said James." -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows




I DIDN'T KNOW what else to do about it, so I decided to go to the park.

The same exact one I went with Willa for the first time. I'd even jumped in the lake to save her from drowning.

Nope, we didn't live here in Florida, we thought it would be best to live in Alabama, Willa and I. But nothing's wrong with visiting the place where we had our most hectic summer together.

But to be honest, I did find something wrong about traveling out of the blue back to her hometown to see how her parents were doing. I get that a divorce can be a little worrisome, but come on. Even the kids got bored from not being with her enough, eventually.

"Look, look! I can see fishes!" exclaimed Hailey, always being the curious five-year-old to disappear in search for something. She kept her distance between the lake and herself, along with her three-year-old brother. She pointed at a few fish in the lake as they both carefully stood by it, examining the fish as they swim inside.

Pretty unusual how it was actually cold today. Yeah, Florida's weather can be really moody at times, but I didn't think it would be windy enough to need jackets. The scorching heat somehow vanished this week.

It's not like we had anything to do at the park at this time of day, but I figured the kids would want to do something, and I needed a place to think.

I rummage through my back pocket, pulling out my phone and typing in my passcode (5683) and tapped on the messages app.



Please tell me ur there, I sent.

She claimed she was going back to 'see how her parents were doing'. You'd think that with a plan as small as that, she would be back in a few days time. It has been three weeks since I last saw her. I text her everyday, but something that came in the news is what really irked me.

A massive hurricane formed two weeks ago where she intended to go for her parents, and she herself saw it.

Whoa. It's humongous, read the text message, two weeks old. I always made fun of how she insisted she type with proper grammar and spelling.

I read a full article on the newspaper (I mean, come on, no one actually reads the paper. But I did it for her) about the hurricane, but no deaths or anything serious was reported. It was handed to me for free by some mailboy, and I only read it to pass the time. When I noticed that the place it occurred was exactly where she went, I felt my heart drop to my stomach.

Before I found out about the hurricane, I still sent her many text messages to at least hear from her.

I know there's a logical reason to why ur not answering. Internet? Parents wanting u around all the time? Yeah I'm calm but I would be calmer even if u messaged me telling me to shut up and grow a pair

See ya later

I freaked out at first after I found out about the hurricane, spamming her with text messages over and over, asking whether she's okay or not.

Ur honestly scaring me

We haven't really gone this long without talking have we?

Please answer. Just once?

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