21 || Carpe Diem

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"I want to make sure that the first person you kiss loves you. Okay?" Sam, The Perks of Being a Wallflower


THE FIRST THING I noticed was how smooth his lips were.

At times, I would subconciously think about how rough his plump, red lips would be. Rocky, cold, and unstable the way his personality would be.

Boy, was I wrong...

Warmth floods through my body after a nanosecond when every gap between us is closed. My cheeks must be flustered, since I can feel the heat and blood rising to them. I bet if my heart rate was shown in one of those machines in hospitals, it would be going up and down, bouncing up and down like a basketball.

And even though both of our eyes are wide open, my surroundings seem to have blurred, and I can't hear a thing.

My arms are already looped onto the back of his neck, and I could feel myself touching his disheveled hair-which is neat at the same time, somehow. For some reason, the ends of his hair are damp but so soft.

Again, our eyes are open, and I can see the look of surprise in his.

Something horrible came over me as I was fluttering my eyes shut.

There's a jolt of electricity in the air, a zipping tension, and I was being held even closer. Time lost its meaning and slowed down, almost edging to an end. We both had mutual enthusiasm, and my heart hammered in my chest so hard that it wouldn't be incorrect to say I'm having a heart attack.

Remaining mesmerized in the kiss, he put me down and pushed me against the wall, his hands around my small waist.

Just like back at the pool and that one day when we woke up intoxicated.

I feel faint and lightheaded, and the only thing that is keeping me on my feet is him. Aaron.

The fireworks that were once in the sky during the beach party seem to have made their way into my chest, leaving me buzzing and tingling in excitement. In fact, the kiss deepened down so much I felt as if we were at the bottom of the ocean. He moves one hand from my waist up to my hair, slowly feeling its volume and running his hands through it.

He had still been the one to give me my first kiss, but... this kiss was nowhere near my first. Someone had given me a rough kiss on a New Year's eve party, but I seem to have forgotten his name. Was it 'M' something?

This kiss wasn't sloppy, if anything, it was dynamic.

Worst of all, if it weren't for both of our stupid phones ringing, it wouldn't have ended.

The ringtones stopped us and awoke us, making my surroundings and the thoughts in my mind clear. Astonished, Aaron took a step back, hitting the handrail of the staircase. He blinked. Of course, after we broke apart, we left our little universe. His eyes were dynamic and filled with realization, and life has now hit him with the cold, hard truth of what had just quickly escalated.

Of our kiss.

As if by reflex to save me from humiliation, my hands immediately unzip my purse that has been hanging on my shoulder sideways. I rummage my purse, all in a split second, and I read the screen name: E-squared. Elliot.

I quickly turn around on my heel and start to walk nonchalantly toward the wedding reception, as if the kiss had never happened. My heart was a traitor that told me to throw my phone and purse away and run back to him, continuing to do what we had stopped.

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