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"You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars." -Gary Allan


WE'RE ALL SEATED in our chairs, awkwardly thinking of a topic to discuss.

The adults are seated in a different table next to us, whereas us kids are seated in an even bigger table. No one's exchanging any words, just fiddling with the napkins or utensils. I would really, really love to confront Aaron about the kiss incident in kindergarten or how idiotic he was skating near the pool area, but I have Alissa and my brothers to butt in.

Think, think, think. "Is that a buffet over there?" I said, pointing to the line of people and the dishes of food.

Terrence face-palmed himself, "That's exactly why there were no waiters to give us menus. We sat like a bunch idiots waiting for nothing."

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to go eat," said Aaron, darting for the buffet. That idiot is in public, he can't just skip over to the buffet.

A buffet in a pizzeria, though?


Can I just say that this is the most food I've ever seen on a plate? Aaron took about five slices of pizzas on his place with a few wedged potatoes, garlic bread, and shepherd's pie.

"I think you better eat that before it eats you." said Elliot, earning a high five from the twins.

Aaron rolled his eyes. "What? I'm a guy, this is free food. Do the math." Alissa giggled at his comment, batting her eyelashes one time too many times.

"Isn't shepherd's pie a British dish?" she asked.

Aaron contemplated with himself for a second before responding, extending out his hand to me, "Top o' the mohning to ya," he said with a British accent. He's an idiot, but I couldn't help but chuckle at his awful accent and shake his hand.

"That was the worst British accent I've ever heard. It makes you sound like you're Russian," I pointed out.

"You're just jealous of my awesome skills, Wilma."

"Are you deaf or just stupid? I told you to never call me that. It isn't, never was, and never will be my name."

"I'm sorry, it's just hard being nice to someone that punches me after I kiss her."

Alissa choked, swallowing too much soda from her glass and has a coughing fit, "You kissed her before?" Out of everything he just said, that's what she's wondering about?

"Yeah, it was in kindergarten. No big deal." Some people consider it a big deal when you suddenly tug them towards you and kiss you, you know.

She forced a cold smile on her lips, "Willa, you never told me you kissed someone other than-"

"Okay, Alissa! Just... finish your soda," I said.

Kissed someone other than Callum Callaway's (my dad's boss) son, Macaulay Callaway? I don't know why I didn't push him away the first chance I got. He friggin' shoved his tongue down my throat at a new year's party they threw in their house. It was just... so bad that I couldn't move. Kind of the same thing with Aaron and I all those years ago.

Speaking of which, I can't help but notice how gorgeous Aaron's looking in nothing but a sweater. Why can't he be ugly? It's way easier to hate someone when they're ugly. He looks so... magnificent.

Aha, and I think Alissa agrees! She's sitting next to him, her hand holding a fork that's in her mouth at the moment, staring at him not-so-secretly without blinking. It's scary, actually.

"Are you okay?" asked Terrence. Everyone must have heard that because they all averted their eyes to Alissa.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Just as Terrence was about to respond, I cut him off. "Because you're eye raping someone next to you," Aaron chuckled, quickly covering it with a cough.

How much do you think Aaron likes you now?


The rest of dinner actually went pretty well... In my family's case, at least. We didn't say much after the whole 'eye raping' thing, but Alissa has definitely been eye murdering me. One question remains: how am I supposed to get through the night when I'm sharing the same bed as Alissa?

The grown-ups have it easy with the sleeping arrangements. Mom and Dad on one bed, the Wilsons on the other. With us kids, things got a little complicated...

"No way am I sharing the sofa bed with you!" exclaimed Aaron.

"You're my best friend! What's wrong with that? Tyler and Terrence aren't arguing." Elliot actually had a good point. Even though Tyler and Terrence are related, the'yre still like the best of friends. Brothers by chance, friends by choice.

"In case you haven't noticed, you're a dude. Only girls get to sleep next to me after-"

"I might lose all the food I just ate tonight." I'm way ahead of you, Elliot.

"Fine, I'll share it with you under two conditions," said Aaron, "don't look at me for the remainder of the trip whenever we share it, and stay at least two feet away from me when we're sleeping."

"That's not fa-" He stopped talking when Aaron tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, giving him a 'you don't have much of a choice' look. "Fine, I accept."

Alissa entered the room in her silk pajamas, still managing to look like a supermodel even in a low messy bun. How does she do it? "Elliot, I can't share a bed with Willa."

I stepped towards her with a scowl on my face, "I don't want to share any more than you do, but that's the only choice we have. What do you want me to do, sleep outside in a tent?"

"Yes! That's exactly what I want. With any luck, bears will attack your campout."

"That's funny, usually Willa's the stubborn one," said Tyler, offending us both. He's already in his bed ready to fall asleep with Terrence next to him in slumber.

"Piss off, Tyler," I turned towards Alissa, "Stop being a childish little brat and actually share something with someone. I can't say I'm surprised, you couldn't share a toy with anyone as a spoiled little girl, so how can you actually share a bed with someone? You know, other than a guy." I probably shouldn't have said the last part. She has that look on her face again, and she's silent but deadly. And if looks could kill...

Loud laughter erupted the silence in the room, the source of that laughter coming from Aaron. Alissa's glares couldn't even cause him to so much as cover it with a cough. After a few seconds, I joined his laughter, and so did Elliot.

"It's not funny! I've never slept-"

"Uh oh, Tinkerbell's mad again!" said Elliot.

"You're making fun of your own sister?"

"We do it all the time! You can fire an insult back at me, if you want."

Alissa groaned and left the room, heading towards the kitchen. "Guys, shut up. She's never going to share a bed with me if you keep laughing," I told them.

Aaron scoffed, "You're the one that insults her everytime you speak, Hunter. A sharp tongue doesn't mean you have a sharp mind."

"What would you know about having a sharp mind?" He stepped towards me, about to respond when suddenly, something shoved me.

That something being Alissa.

"Hurry up before I change my mind. Get some beauty sleep, you'll need it." I mentally roll my eyes.

"Goodnight, losers," said Aaron, shutting off the lights.

"Gee, we love you, too," Elliot said.

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