10 || The Hunger Games: Mocking Me

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"I don't hate you... I just don't like that you exist." -Gena Showalter


WELL, IF IT isn't Willa fucking Hunter," said Macaulay.

"If it isn't Macaulay motherfucking Callaway," I shot back at him.

"Please, I prefer Mac."

"Congratulations, you have a burger named after you." I turned around, ignoring my name being called several times (not to mention all the swear words) and started going back downstairs to my family. I got bored from Alissa glorifying Aaron, and to top it all off, Lindy—the most evil of Moirai—came back from what she claimed was 'alone time' and decided to grace us with her presence. Alissa and I both thought she was making out with Macaulay, but we kept it to ourselves (I think our snorting gave it away). Also, Moirai decided to introduce us to their friends, being both boys and girls. I couldn't care less and just thought about what it would be like to go to Neverland.

See, Alissa for some reason decided to stay with the Moirai, but I decided to go take a seat (there was a row in the giant terrace with red couches). But I had second thoughts once Macaulay came to mock me.

Arriving back down, I saw Uncle R. and Dad scowling at each other, and Dad is the one doing the talking. Should I break them up? Should I go back up? Maybe-

"Willa..." said a soft voice behind me, and I turn around to see my mother. Her voice is much softer than usual, and the tip of her nose is pink. "Can you call everyone downstairs? And not just the people we know, I mean everyone."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"Everyone upstairs are waiting for the buffet, if they ordered their food they wouldn't stay up there like imbeciles. Go call them." I nodded, scared of how her tone differed at the end of her sentence. She walked away, and I rolled my eyes. Now I have to march back up the long ass stairs just after I got down.


I'm going to eat like I have never eaten before.

After I awkwardly called everyone from the terrace (some of them thanked me and some made fun of me, wondering who I was), I practically ran down the stairs, wanting to eat the food so bad. On my plate, I have mashed potatoes with gravy, mediterranean chicken, fettucini, and fruits dipped in a chocolate fountain—even if dessert hadn't started yet.

Arriving back up at the terrace, I see a figure sitting on one of the couches with a plate and glass on the table in front of them. Silently walking closer, I see that it's Aaron, gazing up at the stars, "I thought you were afraid."

Instead of being startled the way I thought he would be, he casually look at me. "What?"

"I thought you were afraid," I repeated, walking over to him and sitting down next to him on the couch and placing my plate on the table in front of me.

He sighed. "I am. I didn't even go to the edge of the terrace and watch the city lights and cars just like everyone else like an idiot." I giggled and quickly covered it with a cough, receiving a glare from him. "I'm glad I amuse you."

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