24 || Let's Go Crazy

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"There are no secrets that time does not reveal." -Jean Racine


WHY DID THEY have to leave me alone with everyone?

"We are going to have the greatest time ever," said Elliot, taking out sacks and drinks out of a plastic bag.

See, the adults decided they wanted to go out and have dinner by themselves (Don't have too much fun, I thought), and they thought it would be great 'bonding time' for us to have some sort of sleepover at the suite. I personally was excited about it at first, but I forgot about one tiny detail: I'm having a sleepover with them (I love most of them, but this might not go so smoothly).

As in my bitchy cousin, my unpredictable brothers, my other cousin—who's (slightly) more unpredictable—and also a mischievous... What's the proper word for him?

Guy I accidentally kissed? Friend? Cousin's crush? Other cousin's best friend?

Let's go with the word 'acquaintance.'

"Ooh, what movies did they buy for us?" Alissa asked excitedly, seated on the living room sofa.

Elliot rummaged through the plastic bag to take out three movies. "What the hell?" he said with his eyebrows furrowed, inspecting a box of the movie Legally Blonde, Alissa's favorite.

He carelessly placed the box on the table in front of Alissa in disgust, looking for another movie again. Taking out a film labeled Big Hero 6, he stared at it for about five seconds and placed it above the first movie's case, dropping the plastic bag on the ground. "I'm too scared to see what else they bought," he said.

After clicking his tongue, Terrence crouched down to pick up the plastic bag to examine the next movie. He glances at everyone with a helpless expression on his face, then drops the bag and movie on the ground. "This is the worst selection of movies ever."

"What was the last movie?" I asked.

"Beauty and the Beastiality."

I heard a squeal coming from the sofa, which came out of an excited Alissa. Once we all avert our eyes at her, she wore a look mixed with confusion and offense. "What? I love that movie."

"Well, we're not watching it. No way," said Tyler.

Next to him, Terrence clapped his hands once, and a cheshire cat grin quickly appeared on his face. Before anyone can question him, he jogged toward the bedroom and I heard loud shuffling coming from inside.

"Am I not the smartest guy you've ever met?" he asked, still inside the room.

"Well—" Tyler began.

"Actually, don't answer that."

Aaron chuckles, and Terrence comes marching in with a... Laptop. He had a laptop with him this whole time?

"Let's watch a movie online."

I throw both my hands up in the air and march towards him. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. So, not only did you bring your laptop to our vacation when you were told not to, but you also want to steal a movie?"

He scoffed. "It's not stealing, I just—"

"It is stealing. This is called movie piracy, and—" My words no longer come out of my mouth because of my idiotic brother covering my mouth with his hand. 

"Shh... Let us have this."

I shake his hand away. "Fine," I point at him, "but I want to choose the movie."

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