Chapter 16~ Warm Me

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5:00 AM

This crisp cold Canadian air doesn't affect me like it would to a mortal human or country. Since water is all around us, I can quickly adapt to any temperature. If you haven't guessed already, it's me, AC. But since kona-chan still hasn't released my description, I will. So listen closely.

The fierce wind whips through my short baby blue hair as I trek through the snow. The snowflakes just won't stop falling; twinkling off my gray eyes. I don't even feel a soft touch when it falls on my pale skin. I'm stuck in my white gown with a red ribbon tied around my neck, I can't change them since I don't have Olivine's power. My bare feet immediately sink into the snow with each step I take. My chibi form makes me look innocent and pure, even though I am neither of those things.

There, now I don't have to murder her...

Anyways, I found myself wandering through this forest. I'm not sure why my feet brought me here, I just got a feeling. Usually my premonition is always right, so I've learned to trust it. The trees here all copy each other as I venture deeper in the maze. Everything seems quiet too, but this silence is so loud that irritates my senses.

Abruptly, I came upon an appalling stench. It smelled so horrid that I almost wanted to leave. Although, I know this scent... I know it all too well. Someone, or something, has died.

Then I found the source, and it took my breath away. Olivine was leaning against a tree with blood spattered all over her large T-shirt. Her once brown and partly green hair was whiter than the fallen snow. A few feet away from her was a sick mess of rainbow colored bile, tainted with blood. My heart almost stopped at the thought, the thought of loosing my love for a second time.

"Please... no please... no..." I panicled as I ran over to her side. I sat on my knees in the snow and checked her for a pulse.

"Please just be dormant, please just be dormant, please just be dormant!" I whisper-shouted.

I waited, and waited, and waited. But I felt nothing, not even a slight movement in her blood flow. I don't believe it but... I think... no, I can't think that way. This used to happen all the time, she must be dormant, she has to be!

"I know you're not as strong as you were before, but you're stronger than this..." I mutter under my breath, cupping her face with my hands. "Hey, Olivine wake up. Olivine it's me, Cody. I know you don't remember me but... it's okay. You can wake up now. Please... I beg you..." I pleaded, waiting for a response.

But nothing happened. The snow kept falling, the trees stood tall, the wind kept blowing. I gazed at her beautiful face, it may have cuts from the wind, but she's still beautiful in my eyes. The one under her right eye was still there, reminding me of that time... that unexplainable time.

"Olivine... fuck, fuck, fuck... what do I do?!" I whisper-shouted again, on the verge of crying.

"Don't cry Cody, Canada's surrounded by three different seas, it'll drown." I tell myself. "But what do I do? Fuck, fuck, fuck..." I cursed until it had no meaning.

However, an idea rang in my head. Heaven forbid that I do this, but love can make a person do crazy things. I took one last look at her lifeless body, then I closed my eyes, leaned in, and wishfully kissed her bloodstained lips. I let it linger for a few seconds more before I pulled away.

Then I waited. For a light, for a breath, for a glimmer of hope. But to my worst fear, I got no response.

"Your story just begun... There's so much you're supposed to do... You still have things to learn, people to meet, and places to go. I promised to always look after you and... I... I failed. I've failed you..." I immediately pulled her limp body into mine and held her close. I held her tighter as tears began to swell up in my eyes.

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