18 - daring exploit

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"So, where did he take you?"

Charlotte asked, examining Esmé from under her hooded eyes. She poured a light drink for the Lady, who had just returned from her rendezvous with the blonde twin. She clinked their glasses, but Esmé remained still.

"Are you not going to tell me?" The red-haired woman urged eagerly, pouting with crossed arms as she leaned against the bar counter.

"There's nothing much to tell," Esmé murmured, looking down with a small smile on her lips. Her head felt light every time the happenings of the past hours replayed in front of her eyes. Her cheeks turned a mild red.

"It doesn't look like that though." Sighing, Charlotte threw her hair back. She uttered, grinning, "Anyway, I'm glad Everett's opening up like this. It's refreshing to see him enjoy himself."

Esmé tilted her head to the side, squinting her eyes confused, "He's a womaniser, you said. I bet he always found a way to enjoy himself."

"Huh?" Charlotte gasped, frowning. "I never said such a thing."

"Of course," Esmé chuckled, her finger tracing over the rim of her glass, "Remember when I first came here? You introduced him, saying he's all over the girls."

"Oh my god," Charlotte burst out laughing, holding her chest with her hand, "Did I? Guess, I liked riling you up that night. Everett is the most trite lover there could be. No offence."

Esmé shook her head amused, noting playfully, "Ouch."

"Despite his age-" Charlotte took a deep breath, groaning, "he's the most inexperienced man I have ever come across. But Dean is the philanderer. People think that Dean's busying himself with women at night."

"He has the looks," Esmé stated, "That's for sure."

"He might," Charlotte shrugged, her gaze wandering around the pub. A concerned look appeared in her features. "They both do, but they have never actually been in a serious relationship - both of the brothers," The bar lady explained, "they're busy changing the world." She snickered bitterly, emphasising the last words dramatically.

"But they're trying though," Esmé mumbled. She admired them for that. It was tough and brave to stand up for the folks in need or ones that are oppressed. Especially if you have dangerous men as your opponents. Someone had to dare to take the first step.

"They are," Charlotte rolled her eyes, leaning closer. Her next words causing a jaunty laugh to erupt in Esmé. "But goddamnit, they like emoting the crap out of it. They don't have hobbies. They don't have girlfriends. How boring."

The girls turned around to watch the scene inside the pub behind them. A wave of serenity swept over them as both enjoyed their drinks. Esmé was surprised that she didn't feel affected yet by the alcohol she had consumed in the span of a few hours.

The pub was less crowded than it usually was. Jazzy sounds filled the air together with laughs and cheers. Everyone seemed livelier and higher in spirit tonight. The colours were more vibrant to Esmé's eyes, the smile on her lips never faltering.

She listened to her surroundings, her mind blank. Being in this muddle of mixed feelings, it was difficult to think straight. The evening she had spent with Everett had been- enchanting even. She wanted it to remain beautifully in her memories. And she didn't want to leave yet that would bring an end to this moment. But she would have to eventually.

Looking up from her glass, Esmé met Charlotte's shiny green eyes that had been resting on her already. A thought crossed her mind.

"What is Ellis Walker like?"

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