21 - greens

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"Thank you," Esmé smiled at the waiter who was busy serving her a cup of tea. The young boy nodded, disappearing behind the kitchen counter in the little dining room they were seated in. She lifted her eyes to see Everett studying their surroundings.

They had decided to have breakfast together before Esmé would head back home. So now, she sat there in her pyjamas, slightly embarrassed not having anything else to wear.

Everett had suggested her to put her coat on, but she'd would be a sweaty mess if she had listened to him. Fortunately, there was nobody else other than them that had come downstairs to eat. Only a family of three was seated a few tables away.

"Who are you looking for so eagerly?" She asked finally, noticing how stiff Everett was, his gaze darting around now and then.

He chuckled, his stare focusing on her. He shook his head, gathering his thoughts, "Ellis is going to drop by."

Great, and Esmé was the least presentable she could be in her dotted blue-white pyjama piece. Sighing, she took a bite of her toast, "How did he know that you would be here?"

"I always stay here."

"Oh. I didn't know."

"The room we shared last night was mine. And just a reminder: call me Dean here." Esmé nodded hesitantly.

They ate their meals wordlessly as numerous thoughts hovered in her mind distractingly. A lot had occurred these past few days, and she still hadn't gotten an opportunity to concentrate on what was happening thoroughly. She didn't even apprehend Everett calling her name until he finally waved his hand to her face.

"Esmé?" He asked once more, his voice soft.

"Huh?" She watched him, a small smile playing on her lips. "Sorry, I just zoned out."

Everett exhaled deeply. He pursed his lips, examining her features warily. His eye lingered on her for a moment before he said, "I don't want to push you, but I'd appreciate it if you told me what happened to you."

"Did you know that everything you say is fallacious if you use 'but' right after?" Esmé muttered, "Because it doesn't matter if you don't want to push me to tell you but push me any-"

"Are you being smart with me?" Everett leaned forward, raising his brows in a surprised look.

Esmé peered down, picking at her food. The words felt heavy on her tongue. Even if she said them eventually, it was still difficult to begin somewhere without wavering their growing relationship. She tried to lighten the mood or distract him in some way, but there was no point in being secretive to him.

"My dad found out about you," Esmé mumbled nervously.

She waited for him to show a reaction, yet Everett didn't seem too surprised to hear what she had said. He leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. He let his eyes wander around, his head falling into his neck.

"I thought he'd find out soon."

"Ev- Dean, he seems to know a lot." Esmé explained, "Although, I don't know how much there is to you," Her voice slowly turned into a whisper, "and how much he found out exactly, but you need to be careful."

She paused when he peered at her again with conflicted emotions visible in his features, a knot formed in her throat. Wetting her dry lips, she proceeded to add, "Thomas and Jack. I don't know what my father tells them to do but they're ready to do anything if it takes."

"Same goes for you," Everett muttered.


"You should be just as careful."

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