07 - onus

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Esmé watched Leslie pour water to the flowers in the dining hall after dinner. Impatiently waiting for her to finish, so they could go up to her room. 

They just had dinner, only Wyatt and Esmé. Their mother was nowhere to be found and their father was still away. So, Esmé had decided to have dinner with the whole household. The Kents had been surprised but gladly took her offer. 

It had been a talkative evening, bringing her mind elsewhere. She was overthinking too much lately. Sometimes, she even found herself being too caught up in this world, almost forgetting that she came from somewhere else.

That thought pushed her forward - to get this done with as soon as possible. But the people here began to grow on her. The more she watched Leslie, the more she felt upset that one day she might have to leave her. When she found a way to turn back, if at all

But then again, every night, she thought of her mother and Emma. Her heart ached.
"My Lady," Esmé was pulled out of her thoughts when Mr Schubert called her name. She smiled at him warmly. "Do you want me to bring tea up to your room? Leslie told me that you had problems sleeping. It'll help." 

She smiled even brighter. "Thank you." She said sincerely, her heart feeling full. "That'd be nice."
He nodded, excusing himself as he left into the kitchen. 

"I'm done, my Lady" Leslie arrived next to her out of breath. 

"You don't have to come up if you don't want to. You look tired." Esmé studied her. She had been working in the house the whole day. Leslie and her mother had cleaned up while Esmé was gone in the morning. And this house was a mansion. She had to be exhausted and Esmé didn't want to bother her any longer. 

"No, you need to tell me what happened today," Leslie whispered the last bit, moving closer to Esmé. 

"What happened today?" Wyatt popped up next to her, propping his arm on his sister's shoulder. The girls exchanged looks, turning to the door to leave but Wyatt grabbed Esmé's wrist. "Are you going to leave me out of whatever you both have going on?" 

"Yes." Esmé said quickly, ruffling his brown looks before looking at Leslie, "And you should rest. We can talk some other time." She wished them both a goodnight and left the hall.   

Arriving at her room, it wasn't long until Mr Schubert knocked on the door, bringing her tea. She took the cup and thanked him as he left her alone again. 

Alone with her thoughts and they took the best of her. She was upset that she couldn't find William. And Dean. He was confusing the hell out of her. One moment he looked at her as if he was about to lunge at her and the other moment, he helped her. Esmé had hoped to get a good rest tonight but she could scratch that. There was still so much she didn't understand. 

A knock on her door startled her. She sighed, a wave of fatigue showering her. She didn't expect anyone this late. Another knock. "Esmé?" It was Wyatt. 

"What's the matter?" She asked when he opened the door carefully. 

"Actually, I'm pissed that Leslie and you keep something away from me but-" He stopped, watching his sister with suspicious eyes. "It's unbelievable to me how you brought a man home so quick." 

Esmé jumped, hearing his words, feeling more awake than ever. "What do you mean?" 

"There's someone who wants to see you and he sneaked here. From the forest." Wyatt fell in deep thought, caressing his chin, "Which is pretty impressive by the way." 

"Who is it?" Esmé asked nervously, wishing that it was the person she hoped for. 

"It's crazy how he found a way to come here from the forest-" 

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