23 - capture

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"What do you want me to do, El?"

"Stay out of my business."

Ellis inhaled sharply, his gaze darting around as he strolled inside the pub with his brother sitting by one of the tables.

"You got us in a very conflicted situation," He sighed, rubbing his eyes with his palms. "I'll decide what I'll do after tonight's over."

"I don't want you to go too far," Everett exclaimed, "Just promise me that."

"I told you that I'm only going to talk to him. I'll offer Benson a deal. If he accepts it, there's no need for me to go far. If he doesn't, then we shall see." Ellis didn't get easily wavered from what he put his mind into. If he wanted to hurt Alder Benson in any way, there was no way Everett could keep him from doing so, but-

"El, I like her."

"Why her?!" Ellis hissed, raising his voice, "Out of all the many women out-"

"She's different from him." Everett held a tone of desperation which Ellis was never used to hearing. Seeing his brother deeply care for someone other than him and Charlotte was still surprising.

He should be grateful that Everett felt comfortable building relationships again after having locked himself away for years. But every time he remembered that it was Esmé Benson they were talking about - he flipped out.

"I never said that I'll do anything to her or anyone else in that household. Only that."

Everett threw him a look.

Then the black-haired twin huffed, crossing his arms, "You never believed that there was a peaceful ending for this. Now you do or what?"

Everett sighed slowly, "Just promise me that you won't murder him or anything."

"Fine, it's not like I was planning to-" Ellis wanted to keep it short, rolling his eyes- "but I won't kill him."


Headlines: Walkers' posters on store windows!

Esmé chuckled, her eyes gleaming with astonishment as she skimmed the article that had caused a huge uproar this morning. Young crowds were on the streets, phones ringed non-stop, people stood up for the happenings from last night, demanding social upheaval.

The pub was filled with folks in the afternoon, coming here to see the Walkers. Even the police had come to investigate, but the story the men of the movement sold them was undeniable.

Charlotte watched over her one shoulder, Leslie over the other. "How did William get this published?" The bar lady muttered with amazement clear in her voice, "Wow."

The Walker Movement saved a freighter crew from an attack by an unknown group of people. The police are investigating the case.

On Wednesday night, a freighter for comestible foods had docked at a small port near Rainham, and was soon attacked with rockets.

"Did this really happen?" Leslie asked as Esmé continued to mutter the words written down.

Fortunately, the captain and his men were safely escorted by the Walkers who had been notified and asked for help by one of the crew members.

Later into the night, the police arrived and happened to discover contraband on the freighter, military weapons that were not registered for such a transport. They're still looking into whose sale this was.

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