24 - burn

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My name is William Mitchell, currently staying in a cell at the police station in the City of London. I'm writing this to bring some light into previous happenings, and incidents from five years ago.

I've met Philip Cook - one of the arsonists of the well-known, harrowing arson attack on the five families that happened in autumn 1923. He was imprisoned together with four of his companions while one of them, Thomas Leister, was acquitted by the judge, who is now known for being the leader of the agitating group: Camden Boys.

Cook told me about the papers Thomas Leister had signed on staying quiet about why they put the houses of the five innocent families on fire. Those papers will be handed to Inspector Brown together with these letters within the next week.

All targeted families were former workers of Colonel Benedict White and lt. Colonel Alder Benson or in some way linked to them. But the incident goes years back. It all began with the murder of conversant economist of the Bensons - Lawson Walker.


Esmé let her legs dangle, her feet playing with the little stones on the ground. It was past breakfast time, Leslie, she and Wyatt rested together in the garden, listening to a few birds chirp and watching the leafless trees wave along the wind. The grounds were muddy from the three-days-old snow, a fresh, moist scent surrounding them.

"Are you feeling better now?"

Leslie's words held a feeling of sorrow to them. Knowing that her Lady hadn't been feeling well at all, she asked still in hopes that things would turn back to normal, back to what it had been.

Esmé nodded, a small smile appeared on her lips, but the worried look in her friend's eyes didn't fade. Her current conditions frightened Leslie a lot. Also for Wyatt, it had been the first time he had witnessed his sister this sick.

Yet to Esmé, this was something she had expected to happen soon. She couldn't decipher what this certain feeling inside her was, but it didn't scare her. The only thing upsetting her was seeing the people around her feel doleful. And all that, just because of her.

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