17 - suaveness

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It was the moment a warm hand engulfed Esmé's that stopped her shivering - together with her frantic heart in her chest. Her breath stuck, peering up into the clearest blue eyes there was.

Frigid on her spot, she had watched the busy streets in front of her. Seeing people pass by her hastily, talking, laughing - mostly couples. She remembered how the 20s were known for young women to break free, live more independently than before - livelier and more cheerful.

They loved, and they weren't afraid to show. Esmé had observed in utter awe with her blood pumping frantically through her veins, a flush creeping up her cheeks. She had been waiting for the man that embellished her dreams at nights.

When she felt his fingers around hers, everything came to a halt. The faint smile on his features glowed, lighting up the mood, warming up her cold winter days.

Staring up at Everett, his periphery blurred, him being her focal point. His dark grey suit fit him splendidly as if tailored for him. A small chuckle passed his lips, his eyebrow quirked, his head tilted to the side.

It's then Esmé realised that she had been staring shamelessly. With wide eyes she snapped her head away but knowing him well enough, Everett couldn't hold back his annotations, "I guess someone was eager to see me tonight."

"You wanted to meet me here," Esmé cleared her throat, her glance darting around nervously.

Everett tightened his hold on her hand, "Yes," He nodded, "And I'm very glad you came."

"Hey," Esmé greeted him shyly as he returned the gesture, pulling her. Everett led her towards the crowded sidewalk, keeping her close to his side.

Under her thick beige coat, Esmé donned a dress that reached down her knees but still, she regretted not putting on a warmer pair of tights. Her legs were freezing. What was it that women battled with the cold weather only to look pretty? She groaned, trying to keep up with Everett's pace, her heels clicking on the pavement.

"Are you not going to tell me where we're going?"

"I thought, we should have a nice dinner together." He stopped in his track. Esmé looked at him, feeling curious, her skin still tingly from his touch remaining on her.

"But it's only 5 pm, and there's something I want to show you first. We need to walk a little bit." Seeing the excitement in his eyes, Esmé wondered what he wanted to show her that got him so riled up.

She nodded, following him. Everett noticed her having a hard time to keep up, slowing down to match her speed. Esmé felt all fidgety next to him. His tall frame towered over her protectively every time they walked past various groups of people. The small smile on his lips caused her to feel over the moon, getting lost in the moment - a fool's paradise perhaps.

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