04 - white shore

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Meet Jack Winston.


It was early in the morning when Leslie knocked on Esmé's door to find her buried behind a pile of books. But Esmé was only staring onto its word loaded pages with a blank mind. Yup, right. Rose had decided to take on the name and do what she had to do as Esmé Benson. This meant to be the daughter Alder Benson wanted her to be. To certain points. But more importantly, for her - this only meant going out tonight.

It had taken her too long and much effort to convince Leslie and Wyatt to accompany her and not leave her alone because until a few moments ago, Leslie was sure not to accomplice Esmé by whatever she had planned to do. Although it was only eleven am, having argued with them, she felt exhausted already, laying on her bed with her legs propped up against the wall.

Leslie stared at the weird position Esmé was in, with an open book covering her face. She reached out to remove the book when Esmé took a deep breath, snorting almost.

"My Lady, Jack Winston arrived." A deep sigh escaped her Lady's lips. Esmé threw the book to the side, her eyes tightly shut as she bit the inside of her cheek nervously. She remembered. Leslie had told her about Jack yesterday. A potential fiance, she had called him. He was the only son of a businessman Alder Benson had matters with. His father was the owner of a textile company.

Staring up into Leslie's eyes from her now uncomfortable position, she tried to think of an excuse. But without success. "Do I have to act as if I like him?" Esmé straightened up, patting her chest. Actually, this wasn't a question. She had decided already. She wouldn't. Now, she was being prejudiced.

"But why act?" Leslie tilted her head to the side with a warm smile on her lips. "He's likeable, my Lady."

Esmé sighed, she had to face him sooner or later. Getting up from the bed, she ran her fingers through her hair, letting her curls fall onto her shoulders. She was about to leave her room but Leslie grabbed her arm, stopping her. Her expression clearly told her that she had forgotten something.

"What's it now?" She whined, rubbing her eyes.

"My lady, don't you want to change into something else? Something more appealing?" Esmé breathed deeply, her eyes wandering down her gown. She was wearing a dress already. A navy blue one that ended right under her knees and had long arms. More presentable than how she usually walked around at home. She was good to go.

"Nope," She gestured to the door. "Lead the way." Following Leslie into the garden, Esmé tried to muster how she should behave around a man that obviously liked her but one she didn't know. Acting as natural as possible was the only option, hoping he was as nice as Leslie had told her. They stepped onto the veranda. These were the last sunny days they'd experience before the temperature in London would drop. The sun hit her face yet Esmé put her arms around herself as the chilly breeze fanned her body, following Leslie further into the garden.

She noticed the man in a dark grey suit whose back was facing her. He whirled around when Esmé approached him, holding the bucket of flowers in his hands to her face.

"I tried to pick the most beautiful ones." He tilted his head to the side, popping up from behind the flowers with a smile on his plump lips. Jack Winston. He was handsome. His black hair was combed neatly, his suit sitting perfectly on his fit body. A heavy masculine scent engulfed her as he seemed to stare into Esmé's soul with his hooded eyes.

"But it's difficult to choose the right ones, when the woman you're meeting is an even more beautiful flower." His smile grew brighter, if that was even possible and Esmé felt her cheeks heat up.

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