01 - leap in time

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Meet Karen Davies & Emma Carter.

Meet Leslie Kent. 


"Are you ready, Rose?" Karen called her daughter from the kitchen. "Emma is waiting for you outside. Hurry up."

"Yes, Mum. I'm coming." Rose did the last touch-up on her make-up in front of the mirror in the hallway. Running her fingers through her brown waves, she stared at her reflection.

Rose Davies, a twenty-two-year-old student, lived an average life in London, enjoying everything kept at bay. She didn't want nor needed something to spice up her life that was busy enough with school already. Emma Carter was her best friend. Both were students at the University of London.

Rose was a simple yet tough girl. Basic clothing and natural make-up. Everything that was exaggerated bothered her. With her 1,67m, distinctive facial features and honey-hazel eyes she had always been one to catch the eye. Although, she preferred to have few friends and keep a quiet surrounding, her lively way of interacting with people would attract unwanted attention all the time.

Ever since Emma and her were little girls, they had been interested in history, into historical stories. Living in London, a city with an unbelievable past to explore and old architecture to discover, Rose had always been into the depths of good old London.

Now, years later, Emma was a history student, and Rose only got into archaeology. 

Fortunately, Rose's mother, Karen, got her interested in it. Karen had always liked antiques. She collected special pieces, and inherited even some, too. Growing up, watching her mother, she developed a liking for archaeology herself. One of the things her mother had inherited was the broken mirror in front of her. That's why Karen couldn't let it go but it had a crack in the right corner, and a two-inch piece was missing even.

Walking to her mum and giving her a peck on the cheek, Rose was ready to go. They had planned to visit the National History Museum with one of her classes she shared with Emma. There was a new exhibition about gangs in the 1920s.

"Did you know that this mirror is from 1925?" Karen smiled. "That mirror you want to get rid of so bad." She added.

"Mum, it's fricking hundred years old." Rose sighed. Her mother hated it when someone said anything about that mirror and Rose just loved provoking her.

"What kind of archaeology student are you, Rose? How can you talk so indifferent about such a special mirror?" Her mother caressed the wooden frame.

"It's broken. It has a huge crack." Rose rolled her eyes, but she couldn't hold back the smile that made its way onto her lips when she noticed her mother glare at her. "You can put it somewhere else. Why keep a broken mirror in the middle of your corridor?"

"It was from our ancestors, I told you already."

"I'm joking, Mum. It's beautiful." It was always the same conversation and Rose was in a hurry, so it was time she wrapped it up.

"Right?" Karen's face lit up. "It's beautiful because my beautiful daughter looks into it."

"And it cracks because my cranky mum looks into it." Rose chuckled as her mother's eyes grew wide.


"I love you, Mum."

Rose waved her goodbye, leaving the house and rushing to meet her friend. She swung her arms around Emma, keeping the hug quick and pulling her to the direction of the underground station.

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