outro: a letter

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Dear Rose,

I wish you read this someday, now or in a hundred years.

Everything's unfortunate for us - especially for you in this world. I wish we could have spent more quality time together, get to know each other, talk about what is dear to us.

You could tell me about your visions for the future, and I could suggest you ways to pursue them. You could tell me about your favourite artists and I could tell you about my favourite authors.

I miss you, my friend.

You are a brave soul, burdening a life - you don't know its past or its future - making decisions for a change.

I want you to know that you did it, Rose. You did your best, and that counts only.

Some things are bound to happen. Death is bound to happen. It will come. You can't prevent it from happening. You can't change its timing, but you can change its circumstances; ones that could have caused bigger problems.

You saved a young soul from committing many failures, and you changed the ideas of an old man who had been bitter and greedy for too long.

And that is what matters.

People will forget you. They will move on.

But I will always remember you, Rose - a girl lost in time on her way to find herself.

Take care.

Lifetimes in strange directions

When hello can mean goodbye

I've seen you before, but not yet

We'll meet again, again

——————— end ———————


Hey loves, you've come to the very end of 1928.

Thank you for reading! I had lots of fun writing this story. I haven't worked on a plot like this ever, but it was enjoyable and I hope it was just as pleasant for you.

First time for me to love every character in a story (even the bad ones). Tell me: 

Who was your favourite character? (Or least favourite one?)

Did you enjoy it? Perhaps any favourite scenes?

Or any questions?

I was hesitant to post the outcome of Esmé and Everett to be honest because I knew how much some of you wanted me to find a way to keep them together. But they'll live happily in our hearts!

I hope I managed to portray with my words what's been on my mind. I appreciate all the love and support you showed throughout the story. It means so much to me. Thank you.

Let's meet again in my other stories.

I love you all!

- L

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