13 - puzzles

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Meet Everett and Ellis Walker.


It was past 3 am. The pub had just closed. The red-haired bar lady poured her friends a glass of whisky. It was disturbingly silent when she dimmed the light, emerging a dark surrounding - that even made simple colours look indistinguishable.

The two men sitting across of each other were both tense, scowling as they didn't want to exchange any conversation with the other. The dark-haired one tapped restlessly on the wooden table in front of him. He clenched his jaw, fighting the impulse to lunge for the man opposite him who was leaned back in his seat with his eyes tightly shut.

Charlotte studied the brothers languidly, not knowing what to do to ease the growing tension. Her eyes travelled to the young man that stood on the other side of the pub. He had a too confident stance. It was William - keeping that posture in front of the Walker Twins, he looked ready to leap to his death.

Then finally, someone broke the unbearable silence.

"What the fuck are you going to do now?" Ellis snarled, his knuckles turning white the more he tightened his fist on the table. His brother on the other hand seemed reposeful.


"Everett, you piece of shit!" Ellis jumped up from his seat. Seeing from his utterly red face, there was only a small piece of his patience left before he would crack his brother's bones.

"Hey," Charlotte chimed in cautiously, "No swearing, please."

"Shut up!"

"Ok," She sighed, her shoulders slumping. She rested her chin on her hand, watching the scene unfold. There was no point in trying to calm Ellis Walker down. He wouldn't. She was glad that it wasn't the other twin. Everett could be even more dauntless and perilous.

"You," Ellis whirled around on his heel, glaring at William. "How did you find out?"

"It doesn't matter anymore," Everett grumbled.

"What if someone else knows about this?" Ellis was about to unleash. His brother's nonchalant behaviour took him to the edge of his nerves.

"I didn't tell anyone about this," William stated. And the tone of his voice gave away how frightened he was, having to face the Walkers. His former stance faltered when his gaze met Ellis' callous stare.

"Why would I believe you?" Ellis stormed through the pub, grabbing the journalist's collar with a sudden force to pull him closer to his face. He rumbled, "I said, how did you find out?"

"I only observed you. That's it." William cracked out, holding onto Ellis' hands to get him off of him. But the younger twin was hard as a rock - his grip was firm, not getting loose. Quite the contrary, he was about to slam a punch.

"This comes from you," Ellis pushed William against the wall before stepping back to look at his brother again. "And your recent, reckless, stupid behaviour."

"It would have come out sooner or later." Everett's short, ignorant responses irritated Ellis furthermore.

"But today is not that day!" He grasped his hair, pulling at its ends. "Did we build all this to let it crash this simply?"

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