Chapter 22

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It might have only been 12 in the afternoon but I didn't care, not one bit. I wanted to get drunk, get all this shit off my mind. I was surprised it was open this early to be honest. I gestured for the female bartender to come over. I was already starting to feel a bit buzzed and I only had two drinks. "What can I get you now, love?" She said in a thick posh accent. I couldn't help but stare at her white hair and hazel eyes. "I want the same as that bloke over there. Keep it comin, Lou." I said, reading her name tag and feeling sad because that was Louis's nickname.

The blonde haired lad sitting a few seats away moved closer. His eyes were bloodshot and I could tell he'd had a lot more drinks than me.

"Niall. You?" He said, slurring his words but I could still hear a bit of irish in his voice.

"Harry, what brings you here?"

"I just like to drink, a lot. I'm irish!" He yelled, throwing his glass up in the air.

"Lucky bastard.'' Usually, I would've laughed at someone's enthusiasm but I was still in shock about what had happened earlier this morning.

"What brings you down, mate?"

"Eh, my boyfriend slept with my sister, I lost my memory a few weeks ago, my mum is dead, I fucking hate my life." Niall stared at me, obviously astonished by how fucked up I was.

"Shit,'' he said, "You might need something a bit stronger than this." He said, laughing. His joking demeanor reminded me of Louis. Just then the same bartender from minutes ago had sat beside me. "Don't you have to work?" I said, probably a little too harshly.

"I'm on my lunch break." She put her hand on my thigh and I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"I-I'm gay." I said, scooting away from her.

"I have to wee." Niall said, wide eyed. He left me with this white haired satan.

"I could change that." She said, putting an arm around my neck and leaned in as if she was about to kiss me. Louis cheated on me. I could get back at him. This was the perfect chance. There was a girl right in front of me who probably tries to sleep with any guy she can get.

We made out, hard. Right in the middle of the bar. She was a good kisser, although she wasn't a man. I kept telling myself it was Lou who was kissing me. It's Lou who started to moan when I gave him a lovebite, which wasn't a lie. I was kissing Lou, but not the Lou I wanted to be making out with.

"Want to go somewhere?" She practicaly moaned into my ear. I nodded my head and grabbed her hand, leading her to my car. We got into the backseat and I threw my shirt off as she did the same.


I drove away from the bar feeling like such a prick. I had sex with a woman I didn't even know and immediately after the great sex I kicked her out of my car. She wasn't bad at kissing either, and she's great at blowjobs. It's only been a few hours but I'm already starting to go crazy. I'm surprised I didn't crash the car considering I was sort of drunk.

When I got the apartment I had half-expected Louis to be there. I can't tell if I'm happy or sad that he wasn't. I'm so fucking angry at him and Gemma, but I also miss Louis and his tiny pixie face. He's such a dick though. My sister? Out of everyone, he chose my sister. Just thinking about it made me want to jump off a balcony. Like the one in my old bedroom. Jumping off doesn't seem like such a bad idea. That might be the alchohol talking. Although, I could do it, I could jump.



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