Chapter 17

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A few days later after Gemma had gotten some of his belongings from his flat with Lou, and also took him shopping, Harry was starting to feel guilty for staying at his sister's house so long. He knew his sister would disapprove of him doing this but she was gone to class. He got up and grabbed his car keys, phone, and other things he brought along and got inside of his black mustang.

He had no idea how to get to the flat from Gemma's house so he got on google maps. By the time he had pulled up to the apartment complex his hands were sweating. What would he say to Louis? Was he being dramatic when he stormed out?

He found his flat and slowly walked in. He didn't see Lou on the couch, he checked in both bedrooms upstairs and in both bathrooms. But he swore he saw Louis's grey Volkswagen in the parking lot? Just as he was about to grab his car keys and drive back to Gemma's he saw a note sitting on the counter. It read:


I know you won't come back to the apartment, but in case you do I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn't bother looking for me. I understand I screwed up and I've been keeping you trapped up in this flat with me for quit sometime. And I'm sorry for that. So if you didn't notice I did take some of my clothes, but I left my car here. Best wishes to you, I hope you find someone amazing, I guess this is goodbye.

Louis xx

Harry didn't know what to think, he can't find Louis? He didn't remember who any of Louis's friends are. He grabbed his phone and called Louis.

No answer.

He lost his mum and the boy he didn't know long, but loved very much. Then a thought occurred to him, what if he stopped acting sappy and looked for his goddamn boyfriend. He knows how Louis' mind works. He WANTS Harry to look for him. So this time instead of grabbing his car keys, he searched for Louis' and found them on his dresser in the bedroom.

He walked out into the parking lot and found Louis' car. Inside the car was another note. It said:


If you see this note then you obviously do care a little. Well this isn't some scavenger hunt where I leave notes everywhere and expect you to come find me. But there's a little hope that maybe you will..

Louis xx

Harry smiled a little. He was right, Louis did want Harry to find him. He sat in the car for a minute wondering how he would find Louis. Then after sitting in the car for ten minutes he was very close to giving up. But then his phone rang, and Louis's name popped up. He didn't even wait for the second ring before he answered.

"Hello?" Harry said, rather eagerly.

"Heeeeeeyyyy Harrrryyyy! You called?!" Said a very intoxicated Louis.

"Louis? Where are you? Are you drunk? Jesus Christ it's only 4 in the afternoon!"

Loud music was booming in the background, he heard someone say "who is it?" Before the phone call ended. Louis was obviously at a bar.

He started the engine of the car and drove around town looking for bars that were open this time of day. The first one he found he went inside and didn't see Louis anywhere. By the time he found another one it was almost 5. He walked inside and looked through the crowd. Then he saw an unshaven Louis staring wide-eyed at him.

He walked quickly towards Lou.

"Harry what the fuck are ya doing here?" Said Louis, slurring almost all of his words together.

"I lost my memory but I'm not an idiot, it wasn't that hard to find you. Where the fuck are you staying?" Louis gestured for Harry to move closer. Louis almost whispered "Been staying with Zayn" he said, and tried to wiggle his eyebrows but was too drunk to do so.

"Louis let's go, we are leaving." Harry said, sternly.

Louis stood up "Alright, alright, I knew you would want me back!" Louis said.

Harry couldn't help but smile at that remark.

He helped Louis walk to the car, which was quit a struggle. The car ride home was rather long since Harry didn't really know how to get back home. He helped Louis walk inside, and the minute they stepped foot inside, Louis puked in the trash can before passing out on the couch. Harry grabbed the recently bought clothes from his car, took them inside, took out the trash, and then crashed on Louis' bed upstairs.

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