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NOT AN UPDATE! authour's note

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HELLO GUYS!!! sorry if you expected an update! enjoy this paragraph:
ok so I've noticed that I have 1.4k on my most recent chapter which is INCREDIBLE! I've decided that when my story gets 40k reads (5k away) that I'll write the final chapter and possibly a sequel! originally I was going to write one sooner but I've been hella busy lately. my anxiety has been horrible, like panic attack every week, which sucks. And just a lot of other stuff. but I promise at 40k reads I will write a chapter and maybe make the second book. thank you guys for sticking around and once again sorry if you expected an update! follow my Twitter (articdirection) my instagrams (grungezodiac and emily.strahl). because what would my story be without shameless promotion?! anyways, love you guysssss x -emily

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