Chapter 24

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Harry's POV

I woke up the next day and Louis wasn't beside me. I sat up in bed feeling very groggy. Last night I almost ended my life. ALMOST.

"How are you feeling?" Louis asked me.

"Tired and confused."

"I understand. I want to go shopping for some groceries in a few hours, is that alright?"

I nodded my head and got off the bed. I looked at the clock, it was 1:37. Me and Lou had both woken up at 5 this morning and talked before we fell asleep. I found out why he didn't tell me he was abused, and how we met, and his favorite color. That felt nice, learning more about my past, it made me feel normal.
Although, I can't forget about both me and Lou cheating on each other, I haven't decided when I'm going to tell him that. It was basically the main reason I almost died last night.

Throughout the day Lou had kept asking me how I felt, he kept on eye on me as if he thought I would try to kill myself again. He didn't let me out of his sight until he went to the store. Even then he texted me every five minutes.

I cleaned myself up and put on skinny jeans and a black shirt, the usual.


"Harry? Hello?" Lou said through the phone.

"Lou I'm not dead, I was just taking a wee."

"Next time take your phone with you, I was worried, love." My heart fluttered when he called me love, it was cute.


"Don't be, anyways, will you drive somewhere?" He said.

"Yeah sure, um where?"

"I have something for you, meet me by the park next to the Alico building."

I got into my car and used the maps app to find the Alico building, it wasn't as far away as I thought it was. I wonder what Lou was going to give me?
I got out of the car and looked around the park for Lou. I looked over at the bridge that went over the pond and it was lit up. I walked closer to that area. Louis was sitting in the middle of the bridge, there were candles lining the edge of it.
"Lou, did you..."
He stood up and kissed my lips before I could finish. He grabbed my hand and we walked and sat down.
"You did all this?"
"Yeah, It took me a while but the look on your face when you saw it was worth it."
"You are amazing." I said. I could've kissed his whole body right then.
"This was the place we went on our first date, and this,"
He pulled out a container,
"Is the first meal I ever cooked, you taught me how to cook it. It's chicken stuffed with mozarella wrapped with parma ham and a side of homemade mash."
I know men aren't supposed to cry but damn this was so sappy and romantic I just couldn't help myself.
He smiled as he put the meal on a plate and handed it to me.
"Harry, I just want you to know how sorry I am for sleeping with your sister, I feel horrible. I just want to show you how much you mean to me. I wish I could take back every bad thing I've ever done to you, I love you, Harry."
He loves me. Louis loves me. He said it. He loves me.
"I love you too, Lou."
He leaned down and kissed me passionately, cupping my cheeks in his tiny hands. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip, asking for entrance.
Our hands were all over each other and in just minutes we were shirtless and sweating.

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THIS WAS VERY PAINFUL TO WRITE! This chapter was hella
short because it's New Years. I might not update again for about a week because I'll be babysitting everyday for the next 5 days, but I'm sure Sam will update for me. Thanks for reading, vote, comment, & follow my Twitter @/articdirection (: xx

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