Chapter 5

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The next morning I woke up a lot earlier than I usually do. I woke up with beads of sweat dripping down my face but yet I was cold. I sat up and saw a beer can on the coffee table. I was drunk last night. I don't even remeber what happened after Harry's stepfather left.

Then I felt the headache.

The worst part.

I took some medicine and lied down on the couch and watched telley.

Around noon I decided to start my day. I put on some casual clothes; sweatpants and a vans shirt. I shoved my vans on without bothering to grab socks.

I got into Harry's old black mustang and drove up to the hospital.

I was nervous about telling Harry about his mum. What if he breaks down? What if he thinks I'm a liar? Shit.

I walked into the same gloomy hospital, checked in with the same woman, and walked to the same room.

Harry was sitting on his bed, watching the telley. Gemma was in the red chair across from him.

"Lou!" Harry said when he saw I walked in. He grinned with dimples and his beautiful green eyes lit up.

"Hey Harry. Gemma"

"Hi Louis"

Harry watched me as I sat in the red chair next to Gemma's.

"When did you get here?" I asked her.

"This morning. I came yesterday as well."

"Wow. Committed sister."

"Shut up" she said smiling.

I thought a joke would be appropriate for a time like this.

"Uh actually Gemma can I talk to you in the hall for a second?" I asked her.

"Yeah.." She said getting up, giving me a puzzled look.

"Don't be too long!" Harry said as we walked out to the strangely quiet corridors.

"Gemma your stepfather came to talk to me yesterday. He told me about your mum. You don't have to lie anymore. He told me that I should be the one to tell Harry"

Gemma looked at me for a seconds before saying (in a rather sad voice) "oh yeah um ok" she nodded awkwardly. Her eyes started to tear up a bit.

"How about you stand out here while I tell him?"

"Yeah okay" a tear rolled down her now red cheeks. She wiped it away quickly. I gave her a symphathetic smile before going back into Harry's room.

"Hey we need to talk"

His smile faded and his face looked confused.

"Harry you know how I told you that your mother's name was Anne and she couldn't make it because she was at work?"


"Well I was recently informed by your stepfather that your mother.. Is erm.. Dead. I'm so sorry Harry"

His face was emotionless before he blinked quickly and looked out the window, without saying a word.


When he turned back around his cheeks were red and he had tear stains.

"Uh it''s alright Lou"

Just then Gemma walked in.

"Did you tell him- oh Harry" she sad when she saw Harry was crying. She ran to him and embraced him in a hug. They both cried for a few minutes before Gemma let go and lingered by Harry's bed.

She looked over at me and smiled. "Well aren't you going to hug your boyfriend?" Harry laughed a little at this.

I walked slowly over to Harry and hugged him. It's been ages since I've hugged Harry. It was an awkward hug. Gemma and I stood by Harry's bed.

Doctor Mayfield came in holding a clipboard.

"Good news Harry! You're free to go home" he said smiling.

Harry looked over at me, smiling. He still had blushed cheeks.

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