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Chapter 8

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Harry's POV

I woke up the next morning and Lou was still asleep.
I walked downstairs to find something to eat. I grabbed the first thing I saw. A Pop tart. I sat at the table and played around with my phone and ate. A few minutes later Lou came downstairs, wearing his work outfit.
"Bye Harry" he said, kissing my cheek.
"Bye Lou" I said as he walked out the door.
I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the journal from under the bed. I ran back downstairs and sat on the couch. I flipped to the second page. Before I could start reading it I heard the door open. It was Lou.
"I forgot my wallet- what the hell are you doing?!" He yelled, walking over to me and grabbing the journal from my hand.
"Where the fuck did you get this?!"
"I.. Found it"
He threw the journal and raised his hand up as if he were going to slap me.
He put it down quickly
I stood up.
"Were you about to slap me?"
I said, tears forming in my eyes.
"I.. I panicked Harry I'm sorry. How much did you read?"
"Only the first page"
He picked up the journal and looked at the first page. He sat down on the couch. His hands were tangled in his hair and he was crying.
"No. No. No. You weren't supposed to know. Shit."
I sat down by him.
I put my arm around his shoulders.
"Ssh.. Lou.. It's okay."
"Fuck" he said, still sobbing.
I rubbed circles in his back.
"Lou. Look at me."
He looked up at me.
"Why is it so bad that I know?"
"I.. You... You're going to leave me.. I'm.. I'm a fucking idiot"
"No I'd never leave you Lou! It doesn't matter if your stepfather abused you! I love you!"
He stood up, wiping his tears.
He didn't look at me but instead looked at the ground.
"I have to go"
He grabbed his wallet and walked out the door quickly.
------------------------------------------Sorry this is such a short chapter. There a lot more that's going to happen in the next few chapters. Thanks for reading. xx (:

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