Chapter 25

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It's been ages since I've updated, oops. But I've had a lot going on. This chapter is of course dedicate to Kayla because she came out of the closet AND joined team larry on the same day yaaay!

Btw this is the the FINAL CHAPTER. The plot twist will kill you and cliff hanger as well.
I don't know if I will be writing a sequel or not.

I listened to Collide by Howie Day and Come Home by OneRepublic while writing this chapter and I suggest listening to them if you want major feels.


Harry's POV

Louis and I lay down on the bridge, staring up at the stars in silence. Not an awkward silence, just silence. We had finished making out minutes ago until we realized we were in a public park. Now, our hands were intertwined and his thumb was lightly stroking my hand. I pointed up to the night sky, "Those stars look like a heart."

He turned to me, fond clear in his eyes. "That's the big dipper, silly."

He said, both of us erupting in giggles. It wasn't that funny but laughing seemed appropiate. Laying here with Louis Tomlinson, who minutes earlier had confessed he loved me, and the beautiful sky. Not to mention an extraordinary dinner, the mozerella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash was excellent.

"I love you." I said. It felt great to say it. I could say it a million times, I loved him, so much. He turned to face me, and put a finger on my jawline and tilted my head up to kiss him. He kissed me intimately, not like a lip biting, sexy kiss, more of a passionate kiss. "I love you, Haz."

"Haz?" I asked.

He blushed, "It was a nickname I used to call you back when we first met at McDonalds. I haven't called you that in ages, sorry, it slipped out."

"No, I like it. Haz is cute."

He pecked me on the lips and said "Haz." In an almost whisper. We continued looking at the stars. I tried to make shapes from the dots, it was entertaining, until a thought occurred to me.



"Can we talk about your diary?"

I heard his breath hitch as he looked away from me.

"We are avoiding so many topics. I don't care about all the other stuff that went wrong in our relationship, but I do care about your past. I want to know what happened. Avoiding the subject won't help."

He looked back at me with his eyes that were as blue as water and filled with regret and sadness right now. He nodded his head.

"You're right, we do need to talk about it."

"I just want to get it out there, I don't want it to be a tough subject for us anymore. If it becomes too much just tell me, okay?"

"Okay." He began, "My mum and dad were a happy couple, they had me and my four sisters. My dad got fired from his job and went crazy. He abused my mum first, he left everyone else alone. It was so, so hard to witness. Every night we would all hide under my blankets to muffle out the sound of my mum crying. I got tired of it and one day I stood up for her and-"

He stopped and looked me in the eyes and I noticed he was starting to cry already. I wiped a tear from his now rosy cheeks.

He took another deep breath, "And he hit me in front of my mum. She tried to get him away but he threatened her. It went downhill from there. He never touched my sisters, thank god. Although, he did try to abuse me, sexually." He said the last word like it was a forbidden word. I placed my hand on his side and pulled him closer to me.

"He locked mum out and he threw me on the ground. I remember it so clearly, even though i was only twelve. He was drunk and he screamed at me that I was worthless and he told me stop struggling. My neighbors had saw my mum crying through the window, and when they went to see if everything was okay, they heard the screams and called the police."

I nodded my head and noticed some of the sadness in his eyes went away.

"I'm so sorry Lou, I can't imagine what that did to you and your mum. Nobody deserves that."

"He was in jail this whole time, and since I... stopped talking to mum she didn't tell me he was released. He is such a horrible man and I was in therapy for it until I was 16, but it still gives me nightmares. I just broke down when I saw him at my
job, I wasn't prepared for it and it really hurt me."

I shook my head and stroked his cheek. I felt horrible for him and I can't even imagine what that does to a family.

He stood up and put his shirt back on and helped me back up as well. I couldn't help but notice the way his abs glowed in the light from the moon and his pixie-like face was lit up, he looked perfect.

"We should get going it's..." He looked at his phone, "nearly midnight."

We walked towards our cars, Louis had the picnic basket in one hand, and our fingers were laced together, and we stopped at my black mustang. I put one arm on the car and the other on Louis' hips. I placed a kiss on his forehead, "Tonight was incredible, thank you for sharing this with me, you are truly amazing, I love you." I pushed the hair out of his eyes and he pressed a kiss to my chin, because that was as far as he could reach without standing on the tips of his toes.

"I love you too, Haz.''

I smiled at the nickname, "See you at home." I said before getting into my car.

It was the car ride back that changed me, for the worst. The whole way home I couldn't stop thinking about eveything Louis has told me. I felt special, like I really meant a lot to him, regardless of anything bad that he's ever done. I'm starting to see the reasons behind the abusive side of Louis. He grew up in that kind of environment and has gone through a shitload of stuff in his life, solely based on what he's told me.

My thoughts were interupted by a loud honking coming from the street I just passed. I looked in the rearview mirror and expected to see a deer in the road or something, but I almost swerved the car when I saw a big red truck crash into the car behind me, Louis' car.

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