Chapter 10

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Sorry I haven't updated much, and this chapter is really short. Thanks for reading! (: xx


I woke up the next morning and Lou was still lying on the couch. The telly was on and he had an ice pack on his head.

"Morning Lou. Whats wrong?"

He groaned and sat up.

"I have the worst headache ever. I drank way too much alcohol last night"

I sat down next to him. Even though I sat a few feet away, I could still smell alcohol.

"uh.. Lou.. yesterday when you came home you said something about my ex."

Louis's eyes got big for a second before he stood up.

"Oh really? I was probably drunk. I have to go take a shower."

He kissed my cheek before running upstairs.

How stupid does he think I am? I might have lost my memory, but that doesn't mean I'm dumb.

I waited downstairs for Lou. It took him a while to shower before he walked in the living room, wearing nothing but a towel.

Holy fucking shit he has abs.

I know I was supposed to be mad at him, but I just couldn't help it. I pushed Lou up against the wall and kissed him. I don't have any memory of kissing Lou, but wow, he's a great kisser.

His body was tense before he put his arms around my waist. The kiss lasted a few more seconds before I pulled away.

"uh.. Louis do you.. want to..?"

Louis looked at me shyly and barely mumbled

"I want to.. But are you ready? I mean after the accident and you-"

"Lou, I'm ready"


I'll probably update tomorrow or tonight. Again, sorry for the short chapter. (: xx

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