Chapter 1

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Hiiii so this is obviously a larry fanfiction, I started writing this a while back before I had any writing experience so at the beginning the chapters are very short, but they get longer towards chapter 17.

There is gonna be smut with mentions of rape and self harm

Thanks for reading and follow my Twitter @/articdirection ! (: xx


Harry's POV

"Get up bastard." my boyfriend Louis yelled and threw a pillow at my face.

"I'm up." I said as a got up off the couch that Louis is nice enough to let me sleep on.

As you can tell he is not the most loving boyfriend. He just has anger issues. That's all. He loves me. He's just mean because he cares. If anything I deserve to be punished. I'm the worst boyfriend. He's too good for me. But he loves me. He loves me so much that he throws things and yells and sometimes even uses his fist.

I walked into the kitchen to grab some cereal.

"What happened to all the cereal?!" I asked as I threw away the 6 empty boxes of cheap non brand name cereal.

"I ate it. Is that a problem? Can I not eat? Just eat some of the left over pasta from last week. It's in the freezer."

"Oh... But I don't like pasta"

Louis threw his hand up as if he were gonna slap me but put it down and laughed.

"Haha pussy. Why did you flinch Harry? Too scared to hit me back, eh?"

"Uh.. Yeah.. I mean no"

"Next time, I WILL slap you, got it Styles?"

Then one of Louis's best mates (and cousin) Zayn walked in. I will admit Zayn has the face of an angel. But he has the mind of the devil. He smokes, does drugs, and I'm sure he's raped a few people here and there. He's the kind of person that would have sex with you and then never talk to you again.

"Hey mate!" Zayn said lightly punching Louis."

"Harry" he said nodding towards me and taking off his leather jacket and throwing it at me.

"H.. Hi Zayn"

"You should ring Josh! Haven't seen him in a while." Zayn said to Louis.

"Eh ok" Louis barely mumbled. I've always known that Louis doesn't like Josh. He's the coolest guy in London. Everyone knows who Josh is.

After an hour had passed Louis, Zayn, and Josh were in the main room. Louis told me to stay upstairs so I wouldn't bother anyone.

I sat on the floor in the room that used to be mine. Louis made it into an office. I don't know why Louis would need it. He works at a gas station and I work at Mcdonald's.

I used to love this room.

Especially the balcony. It's the only room in the apartment with a balcony. Louis and I shared this room. But that's back when he didn't hit me. He used to be loving until one day he came home from work and he went crazy and started throwing things. After that he started abusing me and I've always been too scared to leave. I know Louis loves me, but if I made him mad enough to hit me, I don't understand why he doesn't break up with me and kick me out. It was his apartment in the first place.

I could just leave myself, but I love Louis. I wouldn't have any place to go anyways. My mum and dad probably hate me since I dropped out of school when I was 16 to come live with Louis. And I haven't a clue where my sister is now. Probably in college. She was always the smart one. I haven't seen any of them in 3 years.

But I have no idea about Louis's parents. He never said anything about them to me. He didn't go to school with me because he dropped out at age 14, so I never saw them pick him up. I'm sure they're mean like him.

No matter how much I love him, all the pain and pressure he puts on me is overwhelming at times. I'm just so tired of this pain. I love him but I hate him and I cringe out of fear every time I see his face. I didn't know someone could actually feel this way about a person.

Sometimes I just feel like jumping out the balcony. It would end all this pain. This torture they call life.

I open the balcony doors. I wonder what it would feel like to jump off. To be free falling. Or would you even have time to think 'oh this falling thing is fun'.

I was awaken from my daydreaming by Louis yelling my name downstairs.

"I'm coming!" I yelled, glancing at the beautiful stars before shutting the doors and running downstairs.

"Yes?" I said.

"Why don't you go get us a few more beers eh?!" Louis said. He was obviously drunk. All of them where.

"Louis I don't think you need-"

"Shut the hell up styles! I told you to get me beer so you need to get me my goddamn beer!" He yelled throwing an empty beer glass at me. It hit the wall and shattered. It barely missed my legs. Josh and Zayn laughed hysterically.

I walked into the kitchen to grab the beers.

Then on the countertop was a letter addressed to me.

"Styles what are you fucking doing? Thats my mail!"

All I remember after that is Louis throwing a bottle at me and I stumbled backwards and ran into the refrigerator. I heard something fall but then I blacked out.

Louis's POV

The second I did it I regretted it. There Harry lay on the kitchen floor, unconscious. It felt like the world was frozen until I realized I just knocked him out.

"Go help him!" I yelled running over to Harry. "Help me get him to the couch!" Zayn quickly stood up and helped me stand Harry up so we could put him on the couch.

"Josh!" I yelled.

"Nah, man" he said, getting up and walking to the door.

"You're dr-" before I could finish he was gone.

Zayn and I couldn't lift Harry. We were too intoxicated. I ran over to the phone and dialed 911.

"Hello this is 911 what is your emergency?" A women said in an extremely high voice

"We have a man unconscious! He.. um... he fell!"

"What's your address?"

"Uh 124 evergreen road apartments. Room 123"

"Okay please stay calm, sir. Help will be there soon"

"Okay, thank you."

I hung up and quickly picked up all of the glass that was strewn across the floor.

I sat on the couch with Zayn, my back facing Harry.

I don't want anything to happen to him. I know I'm not the nicest boyfriend, but I guess I'm just scared that he'll leave me. He'll realize that he's too good for me and just leave.

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