Chapter 20

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Harry's Pov

I wasn't the greatest at comforting peoople, but I was trying my hardest. I could hardly hold back tears as he sobbed violently into my arms. I kissed his cheeks and rubbed his hair. I can't even imagine how hard this must be for him, seeing his father for the first time in a long time. I wonder why he hadn't seen his father? What happened?

"Couch?" I said to him. He nodded and stood up and I put my arm around him as we walked to the living room. I pushed the dirty clothes off the couch and sat down, once again putting my arms around his now shivering body. "Alright babe, what happened?" I rubbed circles in his back and looked down at the broken down boy. "I was just minding m-my own business an-and he..." Louis started crying again, but continued nonetheless. "I-I tri-tried leaving but-but there wasn't anyone to-to cover for-for me" He covered his face in his trembling hands. "Did your parents um... kick you out?" I couldn't help but ask this random question.

"I wish." he mumbled, "When they foun-found out I was leaving them to go buy a fl-flat with you, they were furious. They're homophobic as fuck." He wiped his face, finally controlling his emotions.

We layed there for hours and once I was sure that Louis was better I decided to bring up something that I've been meaning to ask about.

"Lou a few wees ago I found your... um diar- journal" Louis looked up at me with wide eyes as if he immediately knew what I was talking about. He stood up and I could already tell he was angry.

"HARRY THAT'S MY FUCKING PRIVACY!" He spat, the veins in his neck were defined.

"Lou... I didn't know! Why didn't you just tell me! You don't fucking tell me you were abusive AND that you were abused yourself! Did you even tell me anything before I lost my memory? No! You were too busy shoving me against walls and throwing beer bottles at my head!" I took one more glance at his face, he looked mixed with hurt and shock. I couldn't take it, I ran up the stiars of the flat and then felt like an idiot becuase I didn't even have a room upstairs to go to. Louis yelled "Fuck you!" and I heard him storm out of the flat.

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