Chapter 7

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I woke up the next morning to the sound of loud snoring. I turned to my right to see Harry, asleep and snoring loudly.
I got up out of bed and went downstairs. I checked the clock, it was 7:30. Even though I can't cook worth a shit I'm still going to attempt to cook breakfast. I grabbed a pan and two eggs. I know that Harry loves eggs. He used to make them all the time. I cracked the egg and it landed in the pan. I finished cooking one egg, I put it on a plate and set it on the table. I did the same for the next egg. "Harry!" I yelled.
A few seconds later I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
"Morning Lou" Harry said in a raspy voice. Holy shit that morning voice kills me. And he's shirtless. I sat down at the table, across from Harry. I casually looked down at my pants and saw it. I had a boner. Thank god I'm sitting down. Just then Harry dropped his fork under the table. Shit shit shit. He bent down to get it. I tried to pull my leg up before Harry saw. It was too late. Harry sat back up and he looked like he just saw a fucking alien. He tried to cover up how shocked he was.
"Uh something wrong Harry?"
He looked at my lips, avoiding eye contact.
"Oh no I erm I have to piss" he got up and went to the bathroom.
Shit I scared him off.
He came back about ten minutes later, looking a lot more calm.
"Sorry" he said smiling and looking at my eyes this time.
We finished our eggs and I went to my room to get dressed. I had work. I plan on leaving Harry at home. I called his boss and explained what happened to Harry and that he'd be back in a few months.
I put on my red McDonalds shirt and black hat with black pants and red converse. I walked downstairs and Harry was sitting on the couch, staring at the blank telley. "Harry you can watch the telley if you want"
"I just don't want to be rude and mess with your telley"
"It's your house too. I have to go off to work. I'll be back in around 5 hours. You can do whatever the hell you want because this is your house just as much as it is mine."
"Alright Lou"
I grabbed the keys off the counter and headed towards the door.
"Bye Harry"
"Bye Lou. Love you"

Harry's POV

I sat on the couch watching the telley for a few hours. It got a bit boring after a while. Would Lou care if I walked idly around the house? 'Its your house just as much as it is mine' he said. Of course he won't care.
I went upstairs to the room Lou and I slept in last night. It had a large window, a king sized bed with white sheets and a white bed cover, a painting, and a bedside dresser.
I rummaged inside the bottom drawer and found nothing except for an old gum wrapper, hand sanitizer, and a spiral notebook with numbers in it.
I opened the top drawer and found a pair of handcuffs. Um okay.
I shut both drawers and went into the bathroom.
I opened the mirror/ cabinet.
Inside was acne cream, face wash, soap, shampoo, and condoms.
Condoms? So Lou and I actually had sex?
I walked out of the bathroom and into the room that I have never been in before. It had a desk at the back, and a closet on the right wall. There was a trash beside it. There was a door that led to a balcony. I opened the door and stepped out. It felt good to have fresh air.
I only stayed out there for a few minutes because it started to get chilly and I wasn't even wearing a shirt. I walked to the desk. There was a brown diary (I think) sitting on it. I opened it. The first page said this:
'January 7, 2005
My mum bought me this journal. I'm not telling anybody that I have it because the people at school would laugh their asses off. So today I got in trouble by my stepfather for failing my math test. He hit me. But not just hitting was involved. He shoved me to the floor and raped me. He called me a faggot. This isn't the first time he's done this though. I'm not telling mum about this. She loves him too much. I don't want her heartbroken again. And he threatened to kill me if I told anyone. So I'm just going to tell my journal. Signed, Louis Tomlinson'
I almost fell over when I read that. Louis's stepdad abused him? He was only 14 when he wrote this. There were a lot more passages but I just couldn't bring myself to read them. Should I ask Lou about this? No he might get upset. I took the journal and put it under the bed Lou and I slept in.

-2 hours later-

I was sitting on the couch when Lou walked in.
"Hey Harry! Sorry I'm late. How was your day?"
"Oh it was okay"
"You're still wearing your pajamas?"
"I didn't think I had any clothes"
He led me upstairs, holding my hand, and we walked into the room with a desk. He led me to the closet and opened it. Inside of the closet were about 4 sweaters, 2 T-shirts, 3 pairs of pants, a pair of pajama pants, and 2 pairs of shoes.
"This is all of your stuff. It might all be too small but this weekend we can take you to get some new clothes. Alright?"
"Thanks Lou"

Later Lou cooked dinner. It was grilled cheese and chips. I enjoy simple dinners like this. We sat at the table and ate. He asked me what I did today and I told him I watched the telley all day.
I finished eating but Lou hadn't finished yet. I went upstairs to the closet Lou showed me. I tried the clothes. Only four things fit me. I put on a T-shirt that had a picture of The Beatle's faces on it and a pair of black pajama pants. They were a bit tight but it was okay. I heard Lou walking upstairs.
"Lou I found some clothes that fit." I told him as we both walked into our bedroom.
"Good! Did all of them fit or just those?"
"One pair of jeans and one of the sweaters fit"
"Alright, good."
He took off his shirt. He had a tattoo on his chest. It said 'it is what it is'
He looked good without his shirt on. He looked like he worked out a lot.
I laid down on the bed. Lou joined me a few seconds later. He turned off the lamp.
"Goodnight Lou. Love you"
"Goodnight Harry"

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