Chapter 6

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Sorry this chapter is kind of boring and mainly consists of talking. The next chapter is going to be a bit more exciting, and it's going to have a plot twist. Thanks for reading, comment and vote. xx (:


After Harry and I signed out of the hospital and said our goodbyes to Gemma, we got inside Harry's old black mustang.

"This was actually your car" I said to Harry to break the silence.

"Really?" He said, finally looking away from the window.


"Did I drive it a lot?"

He never drove it. I didn't let him go anywhere without me. Except work.

"Nah. You didn't get out much, except to go to work"

I turned down the radio since I figured the rest of this car ride would consist of Harry asking questions.


"Yes Harry?"

"Are we still dating? I mean I know I don't remember you but I really like you and-"

"Of course" I said to him. He smiled at me

"Great" he said.

Even though he lost his memory he's still the same sweet, gentle Harry

When we got inside of mine and Harry's flat, he looked impressed by how big it was.

I showed him all around the house. First downstairs with the main room and the kitchen, then upstairs with the hall, the bathroom, and the two bedrooms. One with a balcony and one without.

We sat on the couch for most of the day, lounging around.

At around 10 Harry and I went upstairs to my room. I told him I would sleep on the couch if he didn't feel comfortable sleeping with me, but he said no it was alright. I looked inside of my dresser and grabbed a pair of red pajama pants. I usually sleep in my underwear but I figured since Harry was here that it wouldn't be a very good idea. I lied down on the right side of the bed. I looked over at Harry who was idly staring at the portrait on the wall.

"I... I remember this painting" he said.

"I remember standing in this room, but it was empty, I thought the painting was beautiful!"

I smiled widely at him.

"Yeah! We were about to buy this apartment and you weren't sure about it until you saw the painting. Then you told me how much you liked it. I though it was the shittiest painting but I kept it up because I knew you liked it"

"I love the colours."

He ran his finger over the red paint that formed a person standing by a green sun.

"You can look in the dresser and find something to wear to sleep, it might be a bit small though"

Harry was about twice the size of me. When we used have sex he was always the dominant one.

I let Harry borrow my clothes because he doesn't have any. Well he has his own clothes, but not very many.

He grabbed a pair if blue plaid pajama pants and put them on over his black boxers. He wore a plain white T-shirt with it. He came over and lied on the left side of the bed. I reached over and turned off the lamp so it was completely dark, besides the light from the moon shining through the window.

"Goodnight Lou"

"Night Harry"

"I love you Lou"

I turned to face Harry. I could barely see him though.

"Harry listen, I just don't think I'm really ready to say I love you and mean it.. Don't take it personally, I just don't really want to be so committed to something that.. Might not work out.. You know without your memory. I mean I love you but maybe not as much as you love me."

"Oh. But you said you loved me in the hospital"

"Just because I said it doesn't mean I wanted to. I just didn't want to hurt your feelings. I mean it was directly after your accident."

"But one day you might love me as much as I love you?"

"One day, yes"

"How'd I lose my memory? Did I fall off something?"

"We'll talk about this tomorrow, Harry."

"Alright fine. Love you, Lou"

Harry's eyebrows furrowed when I said this and he looked concerned but he accepted it nonetheless.

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