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i forgot to post last night bc i got distracted but HELLOOOOO FINAL CHAPTER


"Where are you going?"

She jumps slightly at the whispered, raspy voice. Lauren's grip tightens around her waist, like she senses her pulling away and wants to keep her there.

Camila chuckles lightly, whispering, "bathroom."

Lauren just snuggles into her even more. "You're not allowed."

Camila laughs, and even though she's nervous and awkward with the whole physical affection thing, she leans down and kisses the top of Lauren's head. "I'll be five minutes. And then I'll be back to cuddle you."

Dramatically, Lauren huffs and rolls away from her in bed. "Fine. Five minutes."

Pushing herself up, Camila tiptoes to the door, because it's the middle of the night and she doesn't want to wake anybody up. She pauses in the doorway, glancing back at Lauren curled up in bed. So cute, she thinks to herself, and then quickly tiptoes down the hallway to go to the bathroom.

It's weird, coming out of Lauren's room instead of Michelle's. A good weird, though. And when she's done in the bathroom and creeps back to Lauren's room, it's just as weird then. But again, good weird.

She gets back into bed next to her girlfriend – god, that'll take some getting used to – and Lauren instantly rolls over and cuddles up to her again, arm over her tummy, face snuggled into her neck.

"Night." The older girl tiredly mumbles. "You're comfy, Camz."

"I can tell," Camila laughs, wrapping her arms around her and loving just how fucking right this feels. As Lauren nuzzles her face into Camila's neck, the younger girl plays with her hair. "Go back to sleep."

"Okay," Lauren whispers back, "goodnight."

Camila closes her eyes and falls back to sleep easily. Like her body knows she's safe with Lauren.

When she wakes up however many hours later, the bed next to her is empty but still warm. She blinks, rolling over, spotting her phone on Lauren's bedside table. It's on charge but only on about 20%, and she has a few texts from her mother telling her she's in trouble for sneaking out. Which she hadn't technically done; she'd walked out of the house, her mother just hadn't noticed. And she'd do it all over again for Lauren.

Speaking of, where is she? Camila thinks to herself, sitting up in the older girl's bed. She puts her phone down, and even though she knows it's probably classed as creepy to some degree, brings the duvet up to cover her nose and takes in Lauren's scent. Lying back down but knowing that she's awake enough to not go back to sleep, she picks up Nala and cuddles her to her chest. The stuffed lion smells like Lauren too, a mix of vanilla and cinnamon, and she loves it.

God, Camila thinks, the butterflies in her tummy at it again, I really was that lucky. Lauren Jauregui was Green after all. She wouldn't have believed it a week ago. She'd talked herself out of believing it yesterday, when Lauren told her she was pan. But it really was her. She'd been talking to Lauren for months, and slowly but surely fallen in love with her. Because she has genuinely fallen, and she doesn't ever want to get back up.

Lauren's bedroom door opens, Cleo running in first and jumping up on the bed, immediately walking over to Camila and licking her face. Camila laughs, pushing her away, "Cleo, go brush your teeth."

"Hey, don't speak to my daughter like that," Lauren retorts, carrying a tray. She sits down at the end of the bed and passes it to her. "Breakfast in bed for my love."

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