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Should Have Known (Camren) by camzcaBAEo
Should Have Known (Camren)by CamzCaBAEo
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello audition for The X Factor on the same day- by mere coincidence? Possibly. By fate? Who knows? Each girl has a dream similar to the nex...
Messages - Camren by minorlystvck
Messages - Camrenby Theo
Just a random group chat that Dinah Jane made with 4 other unknown numbers. She didn't actually think they would respond... (Spoiler alert, they did) [A/N: Just a fair...
Bets And Silent Messages (Camren) by beaniejauregui
Bets And Silent Messages (Camren)by beaniejauregui (Em)
A bet is a harmless thing, right? Sometimes, but not when it has been planned by Dinah and Normani. When Lauren and Camila made a bet with her bandmates, they didn't kno...
I've Always Been Around (Camren) by StrongWarrior13
I've Always Been Around (Camren)by StrongWarrior13
Lauren and Camila have always seemed to be best friends, attached at the hip some would say. That all changes at the age of 17 when Lauren starts dating Luis. Camila...
The Stripper- A Camren Fanfiction by hotdamncamz
The Stripper- A Camren Fanfictionby Planet Green Eyes
By day, Camila is an average 19 year old college student; by night, she is a stripper, working at a bar in Miami. She is very popular with the customers, however a certa...
the green of your eyes by laurenjauregvii
the green of your eyesby lern jergi 🦁
Camila has spent the last few months of her life talking to a girl who she thinks she's falling for. But she has no idea who the girl actually is, or what she looks like...
i'll be lost until you find me (camren au) by seattlhe
i'll be lost until you find me ( camren brainrot 🤩
Camila is the new girl and her life is basically perfect. It's really no wonder the one person she is drawn to is Lauren - Lauren with the gorgeous eyes, Lauren who keep...
Badlands (Camren) by none4gretchen_
Badlands (Camren)by Taylorrr
"But what is that?" Camila questioned, pointing to the pink sand dunes in the horizon. Lauren's face hardened at the sight. "Those are the Badlands. We do...
IF I STAY(Camren-one shot) by otpswillrise
IF I STAY(Camren-one shot)by otpswillrise
Camila and Lauren had planned their trip to Dublin 2 months ago,right before everything went downhill and they decided to separate. Both the passengers were shocked whe...
Just A Memory by cam_is_thee_bae
Just A Memoryby cam_is_thee_bae
Will Melanie and Cameron stay a married couple? Or will their relationship become Just A Memory? ~Sequel to 'Do You Really Love Me?'~
I Respect you ( Camren Story ) by roameo
I Respect you ( Camren Story )by rr
"If camren isn't real, then we've created the most beautiful love story in the world." ~CS
Captivated. (a Cameron Dallas fanfiction) by lolurnotcamerond
Captivated. (a Cameron Dallas lolurnotcamerond
Scarlett might seem like a normal 17 year-old girl, but wait until you find out her darkest secrets. She is forced to join a gang by her father, who is actually the lead...
Addict (A Camren Story) by camilaismywife
Addict (A Camren Story)by Camila's Hubby
"I AM A PROUD "CAMREN" SHIPPER & I KNOW YOU ARE TOO. Lauren & Camila, who are in a group with Ally, Normani & Dinah. Lauren & Camila fall in love with ea...
The Easiest Path (Camren) by LesbianNails
The Easiest Path (Camren)by 👑My Queen👑
Her soft lips brushed against mine and in a whisper she told me, "No one can find out." Even if I wanted to tell them, I wouldn't because her love is too good...
Bad Girls Get What They Want by user28261944
Bad Girls Get What They Wantby Creative Writer
Lauren Jauregui is the bad girl in Northshore High, Camila Cabello is the head cheerleader. They hate each other but in the end what a bad girl wants, a bad girl gets.