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only the epilogue left now hehe


Camila doesn't get chance to check her emails until after 9pm. She stays over at Lauren and Michelle's until six, when they go out for a meal with the rest of their family and Dinah drops her off at home. And then she had to eat dinner with her parents, entertain her sister until she gets sent to bed, and finish off an essay for one of her classes. So when she checks her emails, she has no fucking idea what she's supposed to do.

Lauren Jauregui is Green. She'd admitted it over email, been completely honest with her, and Camila hadn't seen the email until now. She'd caught onto it, after Lauren had told her she was pansexual, because it was a little too much of a coincidence. She'd overthought and had little doubts, but she let herself believe. And she'd let herself hold Lauren's hand all afternoon on the believe that she was Green. And her indisputable proof was right there, sitting in her inbox for hours. If only she'd taken her phone to the bathroom with her.

She doesn't know what she's supposed to say. She just rereads the email over and over, because it doesn't feel real. It certainly makes her feel better; she finds Lauren insanely attractive, and she had been feeling butterflies any time Lauren so much as brushed against her. Knowing that she felt that and she hadn't been betraying Green these last few weeks makes her feel better. But she also feels disbelief; Lauren had always felt way out of her league, especially after what happened freshman year, and even now she knows her, she still does. She just can't equate her to Green, even though she's got one hundred percent proof that it's her.

She emails back, still a little baffled that she's been that lucky, that it really is Lauren.


From: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

To: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

Dec 14, 2018, 9:48PM


frankly i was living under a rock because i didn't connect everything to you until i read this email. well, kind of. i had a feeling but i talked myself out of it like always. and you've spoken to me enough to know that yes, i do have only one braincell.

i know that this isn't how either of us imagined this happening, and honestly your picnic on the beach idea is probably the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me. and the moral is don't trust men in general because they're the worst. no, in seriousness, the problem was with the guy, not with you. you could never do any wrong.

i am genuinely so sorry that this happened to you. you deserve all the good in the world. like, literally, lauren jauregui deserves the world but does the world deserve lauren jauregui??? i think not. and even though i don't want you to go off to college because it means you won't be here with me, i do want you to go to college to get away from all of the petty drama, and be in a place where having a sexuality of something other than straight doesn't make you automatically the latest piece of gossip.

thinking about it now, i definitely had enough evidence to figure out it was you, so maybe i'm dumber than i thought. but i'm still surprised, actually. you always seemed way too cool to be sat at home talking to lame old me all the time. and it's funny because i've been hilariously intimidated by you for years. not so much anymore though.

i still have feelings for you and still want to meet you and DEFINITELY still want to be your girlfriend. and we're not going to have that grand romantic reveal taken away from us, okay?

and lauren??? i would never leave you alone.

love, cuba

p.s. obviously i knew all along like duh i'm so perceptive i'm basically psychic

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