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dis is the long one lmao you're welcome


In the past, Camila has always found Dinah's soccer games a little bit of a drag. But this time it's different. Dinah hadn't even been the one to invite her, not technically, even though Camila would probably be dragged here anyway. Lauren had asked her if she was coming to the game, which meant that Camila had to say yes.

(She didn't have to, but still.)

It starts the same as any other game; Dinah shows up, already in her soccer uniform, and Camila gets into the car and drives to school with her, though much less reluctantly than usual. And because it's a Friday night, Dinah tells her, "There's a party at Ally's later, if you're willing to go with me and be my wingman."

"You know how I feel about parties," Camila thinks, but she also remembers what Lauren had said on Monday. No, actually. I think I'll reward myself for my inevitable victory with a nice relaxing bath. She might've changed her mind, but she's not going to ask Dinah about it.

Dinah parks in her usual place, and Camila goes the long way around with her like she usually does, rather than going straight to find a place to sit on the bleachers. "I'm surprised you've not dramatically announced how you'd rather be anywhere other than supporting your best friend on a Friday night."

Camila rolls her eyes. "I never do that."

"Literally do it every time I have a game that I drag you to," Dinah retorts, "or maybe it's because you want to find out if your internet girlfriend's real name is Lauren Jauregui."

"She's not. She said she wouldn't tell you who her crush is, but if she did tell you, you'd go and tell them. Which means she could tell you a name." Camila points out, "which means she's not Green."

"Or maybe she just doesn't want to tell me she doesn't actually know who she's got a crush on," Dinah rebukes her, and Camila ignores that little spark of hope in her chest. "If you think about it, it'd be kind of hilarious if it did turn out you'd been talking to Lauren, when you were into her sister."

Camila blushes. "Just stop, it's not Lauren."

"Alright, alright," Dinah laughs, and as they approach the doors to the locker rooms, she's a little disappointed that they didn't run into Lauren on the way there. "I'm mostly just teasing you, but it's not like it's impossible. Anyway, I'll meet you here after. Wish me luck."

"Good luck," Camila replies, and when Dinah goes into the locker rooms, she loiters in the hallway for a little while, wondering if Lauren is here already. And the moment she gives up and turns to head out of the doors and go find a seat, someone grabs her by the wrist and she jumps at the sparks she feels. "Lauren."

"Hey," Lauren smiles at her as she turns around, letting go of her arm now that she's caught her, "how'd you know it was me?"

Because any time you touch me it makes me freak out a little, "Dinah's already gone into the locker rooms and you're the only other person who'd bother talking to me."

"Well, that's their loss," Lauren smiles the cutest kind of smile and Camila feels like she's melting. "Anyway, are you going to Ally's party later?"

"No, probably not. Unless Dinah drags me there against my will," Camila jokes, but what she really thinks is unless you're there. "You?"

"Nope, I've got a lovely bubble bath waiting for me," Lauren answers, "and maybe a glass of champagne. Because I'm classy."

And she really didn't need the mental image of Lauren Jauregui in the bath, so that's great. "Sounds like an evening a fifty-year-old soccer mom would enjoy."

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