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this whole chapter = lauren is baby and i love her


For the last week, she'd been at some kind of guessing game. Not trying to entirely guess Green's identity, because that certainly didn't work out the last time, but with trying to figure out which sports team she's on.

Because the older girl had adorably let it slip that she's hoping to get an athletic scholarship to Columbia. And she hadn't realised how much information that really was until her next email, which included the phrase so, I'm in idiot, because once you know which team I'm on and ask around about scholarships you've basically found me.

Camila had told her that she's an adorable idiot, and she's trying hard not to properly use the information to find her. She'd promised Green she wouldn't, because she knows she's not ready to meet yet. But she had been teasing Green, adding a P.S. at the end of every email with a sports team. Green hadn't caved and told her, and Camila knows she won't, but it's still fun to tease her on her little blunder. She'd tried guessing softball, soccer, netball, swimming, cheerleading, and pretty much every other sport under the sun, but Green had merely refused to answer on every single one, or made some kind of sarcastic comment in return.

Admittedly, when she's waiting after school for Dinah to finish her soccer practice, she hangs out on the bleachers for a little while before going to the library to talk to Michelle, looking over each of the girls, wondering if it could be any of them. But then she remembers what Dinah had said; what if it's a joke? What if Dinah was so against it because she knew it was a joke, and it was one of the soccer girls playing it on her?

Rationally, she knows her best friend would never let that happen, but panic strikes her chest for a few seconds before the calming thought comes to mind. When she gets up to go to the library and talk to Michelle to confirm their Halloween plans, her gaze settles on Lauren, as she tackles Dinah and kicks the ball to Keana. What if the whole time I was focused on the wrong sister?

She almost laughs the ridiculous thought off. Lauren is straight and she knows it; she'd had a number of boyfriends, and she's definitely got far too much going on in her life with school and soccer and friends and parties to bother emailing Camila all the time or make a whole CD for her.

She gets up and heads to the library, trying not to think about who Green may be. That got me in a mess with Michelle. If I start thinking she's some other girl and go and crush on her, it'll just hurt Green, and I'm not going to do that.

She spots Michelle easily and sits down next to her. "Hey. How come you don't just go home and study?"

"Lauren's my ride. I haven't learned to drive yet," Michelle tells her, looking up from her textbook. "So it's either wait for my sister or get the bus. And if I wanted to ride home with my mom, I'd have to wait even later."

"I always forget your mom teaches here. I've never had her for a class before," Camila says, remembering; Mrs Jauregui is one of the math teachers. "Anyway, are we still on for tonight?"

Michelle nods. "Yeah, come over once you're done trick or treating with your sister. Then we can order food and just chill and watch movies and hand out candy."

"I might bring her over while we're out. Sofi likes to range pretty far," Camila laughs, "mostly because she wants to get as much candy as possible, hide a decent amount from my parents, have the one piece my mom allows her, then uncover the rest and pig out."

"Wait, your mom only lets your sister have one piece of candy?" Michelle says it like it's blasphemy, which it kind of is. "Is she Satan himself?"

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