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the next chapter is like 2 chapters in 1 because i'm weird and wanted it to be an even fifteen so YOU'LL GET YOUR DOUBLE UPDATE THERE TECHNICALLY


From: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

To: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

Dec 1, 2018, 12:51PM

so basically i am finished with this semester

like i know we have finals and all that but i have basically just checked out of school. any time we get any length of time off my brain just turns off and refuses to turn back on.

anyway... did you end up coming out to your mom? it's okay if you didn't, because it's such a big thing and i know you're very scared for it. but if you did, i'm proud of you.

i spent basically all night last night listening to your cd. i can't wait to meet you in person so we can make out to it ;) (sorry my inner fuckboy just jumped out of me there)

for real though, i still really love the playlist. i have also bought your christmas present, since christmas is pretty much the only thing i'm ever prepared for.

love cuba



From: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

To: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

Dec 1, 2018, 1:01PM

I know what you mean with that. Breaks are good in the sense that I get so tired without them, but it also gets me out of a routine. I always feel pretty guilty about what I eat when it's break, since my practices aren't on. Basically just includes going for more runs, which I find embarrassing, but I'm not paying a load of money for a gym membership when I can run outside for free.

No, I didn't end up coming out to her. I tried to last week, but... the words just wouldn't come. I don't know what it is with her. I honestly feel like if I told her, I'd feel like I was disappointing her. And like, I feel like I already do. I know she loves me and everything, and I love her, but we're not that close because she sees my sister as the 'golden child'. I'm just the one that's apparently too 'wild', which I'm actually the farthest thing from. I'm just not afraid to do what I want. And I made a bit of a stupid decision earlier this year and it kind of broke her trust in me. But even though I know that nothing would explicitly change, and that she'd still love me, I know that finding out I'm not straight would just disappoint her more. Just because I'm not what she wanted me to be.

I mean, I am very much into the idea of making out while listening to it, so your inner fuckboy can stay. I have been plotting your Christmas present, but no purchases have been made as of yet.

Love, Green

P.S. I don't even know how you come up with these things.


"You're telling me you spent all of Black Friday with Lauren?" Dinah frowns at her, "You sure it wasn't Michelle?"

Camila laughs. "Nope. I spent the day with Lauren. And we've sort of been texting since."

"In... that way?" Dinah wiggles her eyebrows, looking excited at the prospect of a crush. It just makes Camila feel a little guilty. "Because I can work with this. Unless you're still daydreaming about your internet girlfriend."

Her phone buzzes with a text, and she snorts with laughter without thinking about it. It's a blurry picture of a pigeon on the bleachers, with a thumb slightly covering the lens.

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