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i'm being productive with everything but my uni work but i suppose you benefit from that so... no regrets


From: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

To: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

Oct 14, 2018, 11:29AM


i hope your hangover isn't too brutal today, if saturday did turn out to be hangover day. if it's just pyjama day though, i hope you're comfy and cuddly and you watch all your favourite shows and movies as a reward for the hard work you put in over the week. wish i could be there to help you nurse your hangover if you've got one, though. even if it's just with cuddles and treating you to hangover food like McDonald's, like a proper girlfriend would.

i am totally taking you up on that playlist offer. i swear it'll be the only thing i'll ever listen to for the rest of my life. just because it's from you.

i feel like today we're going to be almost connected, though. i'm not hungover, but i am just going to stay in all day and watch tv with my family. after a long ass week of going outside and talking to other humans, i think i'm content just dealing with fictional ones for the weekend.

except for you. i expect many emails from you.

love, cuba


From: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

To: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

Oct 14, 2018, 12:56PM

So, I just woke up. I feel like I've been hit by a bus.

But like, I wasn't actually hit by a bus, so I guess that's a good thing? I could've slept for longer, but my mom quite rudely threatened to pour cold water over my head if I didn't (quote) 'move my lazy ass'. And I desperately did not want her to know I'm hungover because she would freak out. So I'm awake. Kind of. More like half awake, half dead. I wish you were here, too. I know being cuddled by you would make this very brutal hangover go away at least a little bit. I bet your cuddles are like magic, babe. Everything else about you is.

I think I might spend today working on that playlist for you. And watching TV, obviously. Just to make sure we're in sync and connected. Trust me, you will get many emails from me this weekend, I promise.

Another thing to tell you; I may have done the whole coming out thing. Not to my parents (my sibling) but it's a step, right?

Love, Green.


From: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

To: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

Oct 14, 2018, 1:08PM

it makes me sad to know you're not feeling great, green. but hey, you came out to someone! yes, that's a huge step! and i'm so very proud of you. love that i still have the honour of being the first person you told once you figured yourself out, but i'm happy you found the strength to tell someone in person, too.

also, please never stop calling me babe, because i love that.

would it be bad if i told you i've had a few theories as to who you might be? i know we've both agreed that this is what we need right now, this online anonymous thing, but i can't help but be curious. but please don't feel threatened by that or anything. even if my theory doesn't pan out (haha get it... PAN out!) i would never be disappointed by you. because you're you. after everything we've talked about and all the things you make me feel, it doesn't matter who you turn out to be.

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