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you're finally getting the 100% camren chapter... enjoy bitches


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so i just woke up and saw this and wow. your 2am rambling thoughts are now my favourite thing.

because i think i'm falling in love with you too, green.

i think it's possible. obviously looks are a very trivial thing, and to some people they matter. but not to me.

love, cuba

p.s. bet you're actually a gynast and you're just trying to trick me. but anyway........ PIZZA EATING CHAMP!!! oh wait that's my title


For most people, Black Friday is the day where you go to the store at the opening time and fight people for discounted products. For Lauren, it's the day she gets the house to herself because the rest of her family (aside from Cleo) are out fighting people for discounted products.

She generally just uses it to relax, but it's nice to be able to smoke a joint in her bedroom instead of clambering out of her window and doing it in the back yard. What she doesn't expect is the knock on the front door and Cleo's barking, but she assumes her mom had been ordering things online again and walks to the front door to answer it. She glances through the peephole, and again, another surprise.

She opens the door, and Camila looks at her, then to the joint between her fingers, and back again. "Oh."

"That's a funny way to greet someone," Lauren retorts, tapping the ash into one of her mother's plants. "Hello."

Camila blushes, petting Cleo and saying hello to her first. "Hi. Is Michelle here?"

"Nope. She's out with the rest of my family, fighting people for things in the shops," Lauren explains, taking another drag, "they'll be out until late and then come home with all of their bargains. My dad has taken to selling things on eBay at their full price for profit."

"Oh. Alright then." Camila looks apologetic, "I'll just... get out of your hair."

"Or you could come in." Lauren offers, not knowing where the words come from. Usually she savours having the place to herself since it happens so rarely. "I don't mind."

After a few moments of thought, Camila nods. "Alright then."

Admittedly, she hadn't expected that answer, but Lauren steps aside to let her in, offering the joint to her as Cleo trots back to her basket in the lounge, disinterested. "You smoke?"

Camila shakes her head, following her to her bedroom. "Uh, no."

"Okay." Lauren says, and then asks, "Do you want to try?"

"Not really," Camila answers, and Lauren shuts her bedroom door behind them. She'll have to remember to light some scented candles around the house after her little venture to the front door. "Not that it bothers me that you do it."

Lauren just shrugs, sitting down on her bed again and turning down the volume of her music slightly. "No worries. Did Michelle make plans with you and forget about them or something? Because that's not like her."

"No, I just... I was bored and wondered if she was busy, so..." Camila gestures vaguely, "here I am. You didn't have to-"

"Invite you in?" Lauren finishes for her, "I wanted to." Though I don't particularly know what possessed me to do it.

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