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She's nervous when she knocks on the door, like a schoolgirl with a crush. Which she actually is. She waits for it to open, hoping that Michelle will answer, because she's so awkward with parents; even with Dinah's parents, and she's known them for almost her whole life.

When the door opens, she's relieved for a second, but then she realises that it's Lauren and she feels a little more awkward. Even after that whole drunken encounter the other week, Lauren kind of intimidates her. It's weird, because she knows that they're twins and everything, but Lauren just feels like a fake Michelle to her. "Oh, hi. Um, I'm here to see Michelle."

"Oh, yeah, she mentioned," Lauren pulls the door open further to let her in, "She's in her room, I'll go get her for you. Do you want a drink or anything?"

"No thanks," Camila says, not wanting to trouble her. As Lauren disappears down the hallway, she waits awkwardly by the front door, not knowing if she should follow her. Lauren doesn't tell her to follow, and a few minutes later, Michelle comes back in her place and Camila relaxes a little. But only a little bit, because she's still hyperaware of how the older girl makes her feel. "Hi."

"Hey," Michelle replies, nodding towards the lounge, "I don't have a TV in my room – too much of a distraction – so we can watch the movie in the lounge. I found the DVD in the school's library, actually."

"I didn't even know the library had DVDs," Camila admits, and then adds, "I honestly only ever go in there to talk to you."

It's a little flirty, and she knows it, and Michelle just smiles. "Really?"

"Yeah," Camila nods, sitting down on the couch next to her. She wonders how close she can get without it being weird and tries to recall other things from Green's emails that may get a reaction from her. And then she notices Michelle's t-shirt. The 1975. It gives her a spark of hope. "You like The 1975?"

Michelle looks down at her shirt, like she hadn't realised she'd been wearing it. "Oh, not really. I like a couple of songs, from what I've heard, but this is Lauren's shirt. I don't really wear anything other than dresses, but I wanted to be comfortable for watching a movie but not in my literal pyjamas, so Lauren let me borrow some sweats and a t-shirt."

"Oh," Camila has to admit that she's a little disappointed, "well, they're a good band, you should give them another shot."

"Maybe some other time," Michelle gets up and grabs the DVD from the coffee table, pausing on her way to put the disk in. "Do you want a drink or anything to eat? We could make some popcorn."

Admittedly at the popcorn suggestion, she caves. "Sure, I could go for some popcorn. And it always makes me thirsty, so I'll take you up on the drink."

She gets up, following Michelle to the kitchen, "Help yourself to anything in the fridge."

Camila grabs a can of coke and opens it. "Want anything?"

"I'll just get a glass of water once I put the popcorn in." Michelle waves her off, putting the bag in the microwave and setting it going before she grabs a glass out of a cupboard and fills it up with water. "It's nice, not studying on a Saturday."

"You study every Saturday?" Camila blinks at her, because that's a little crazy. "Really?"

"I make time to study every day," Michelle replies like it's something everybody does, but then she sighs and adds, "Sometimes I wonder if I'm just wasting my time, though. Mostly because Lauren never seems to study, and we get generally the same grades."

Camila frowns, "Well, something productive can never be a waste of time, and it's not like all you do is study. I don't think it's a bad thing. And I'm sure your sister is studying, just... differently."

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