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this will have 15 chapters (14+epilogue) so enjoy lmao


After spending the entire afternoon with her and trying to dismiss her silly hopes and her stupid feelings, she'd determined one thing. Michelle Jauregui is one hundred percent, absolutely not Green.

(Unless one of them had been lying to her, but she agrees with herself that it'd be rather unlikely since she'd received an email from Green while she and Michelle were watching Meet the Robinsons, and Michelle hadn't been on her phone.)

Which means Camila is stuck in a little bit of a dilemma. Well, more than a little bit. More like a huge dilemma.

On the one hand, there's Michelle. She's actually there, so it's possible to see her as an object of affection. And they'd had such a good time on Saturday, and Michelle had opened up to her about something serious, which has to mean something. Camila had even flirted a little, but she's not sure if Michelle took it as a joke or not.

But then there's Green. Beautifully adorable Green. The reason she even likes Michelle in the first place, because she'd suspected she was Green. Green is the one she knows everything about, who knows everything about her, and has made it pretty clear that the feelings she has for her are reciprocated. And when she reads through their older conversations, or gets an email notification, it brightens up her whole day.

Dinah doesn't seem to think there's a dilemma. She thinks that she should go for the girl right in front of her, if Michelle likes her back. And Camila doesn't know if she likes her back or not. Or if she's even into girls, because she knows she's into boys if the feelings she'd expressed for Zayn Malik meant anything.

As she's walking down the hallway to the cafeteria, brooding on what to do, she gets an email. Her heart flutters and drops at the same time. That's been happening a lot with the whole Michelle thing.


From: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

To: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

Oct 24, 2018, 12:15PM


Please go to the auditorium and look under the third seat from the left in the front row.

(Promise I'm not staking out to see who you are. But it's important that you do this.)

Email me back once you've got it! I'll be refreshing my inbox every five seconds until I get your response.

Love, Green.


She frowns at the words on the screen but tucks her phone into her back pocket and starts in the general direction of the auditorium. She wonders what this is about, but she trusts Green. This is the part where Dinah would be telling her she's about to get murdered, but she tries to push that thought from her mind.

She takes a left, looking around her all the time, but the corridors are full of people; it's lunch hour, so obviously there are going to be people around. But when she pushes open the doors to the auditorium, it's empty. She follows Green's instructions and walks to the front row, looking under the third seat to the left. And she sees it.

A CD case.

Picking it up and sitting down in the seat she'd found it under, she looks at the painted cover. A Dalek murdering Voldemort – which so wouldn't happen, by the way – Marceline the Vampire Queen, and a Hufflepuff crest. The title is written in marker in adorably neat, loopy handwriting. For her.

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