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She doesn't know if it's possible to have a three-day hangover, but Lauren is definitely still feeling pretty shitty when she wakes up to her alarm on Monday morning. Maybe it's because she hadn't had anything to drink for so long. Groaning, she shuts her alarm off by bashing at her phone haphazardly until the annoying ringing stops, and then pushing herself up to sit.

The first thought she has when that weird half-sleepiness wears off is of Cuba, and the butterflies in her tummy are practically instantaneous.

She grabs her phone from her bedside table and opens up her emails, checking to see if there's anything from Cuba. She's just typing out a response to her last email from her – they'd been talking about who would win in a fight, Voldemort or a Dalek – and apparently she's smiling like an idiot, because when Michelle knocks on her bedroom door and walks in, she smirks at her.

"Talking to your girlfriend, are you?" Her sister teases her, sitting down on her bed and leaning over her shoulder to read the email she's composing. "You seriously think a Dalek would beat Voldemort?"

"Duh. It's inside a literal tank and has what is basically a death ray." Lauren rolls her eyes, "Harry's useless ass managed to beat Voldemort. A Dalek could do it easily."

"God, how do people think you're cool?" Michelle teases, and Lauren rolls her eyes, finishing off her email and sending it. "So, when are you going to come out to mom and dad? Because once you do that, you can meet your little girlfriend."

"I don't know. Maybe I'll get drunk again," she jokes, but the thought of alcohol makes her feel a little sick, and when Michelle's face falls, she realises that maybe she shouldn't joke about that. At least not in front of her sister, who shows signs of anxiety any time Lauren so much as walks past a liquor store. "No. I don't know. I'll probably tell dad first. It's really just telling mom that I'm nervous about."

"Well, I'll be there if you need me," Michelle assures her, "now, get ready. I don't want to be late."

Her sister leaves her room, and Lauren yawns again, drinking the rest of the water on her bedside table. As she drags herself out of bed, Lauren thinks about Cuba again; she's happy to finally have someone to talk to about her, but if anything, that makes her need to meet her all the stronger.

Once she's ready to go, she double checks she has everything in her backpack that she needs, she checks her emails and gets that stupidly lovesick smile on her face.


From: <keepmovingforward@gmail.com>

To: <loveitifwemadeit@gmail.com>

Oct 16, 2018, 8:09AM


i can't even tell you how wrong you are. voldemort has HORCRUXES, remember? how tf is a dalek going to find and destroy all the horcruxes. those angry pepper pots don't have the patience to do anything other than yell EXTERMINATE and hate on the doctor, so even if they shot voldemort he'd still be half alive and could come back. plus voldy's got MAGIC, so he could just magic the dalek into another dimension and problem solved. tbh he'd probably recruit them bc they're as evil as he is. that's a fucking concept; power couple of the century = voldemort and a dalek fleet

anyway, back to it with another week, huh? i hope your day goes wonderfully because you deserve all the good things in the world. i still think it's v unjust that our weekends are only 2 days!!! should be at LEAST 3. when i take over the world i plan to abolish mondays because they're the work of the devil.

love, cuba


Lauren smiles down at the phone screen, loving how adorably dramatic she is. Michelle leans around her door again, grabbing her by the arm. "Come on, we're going to be late and I'm not sacrificing my perfect record for you to stare at cheesy messages from your girlfriend. Even though I kind of love how happy she makes you."

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