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i want to start a tradition of highlighting the most active and positive readers. so, without further a do, i want to shout out blakhearted . you've been so kind to me and active on my page. knowing that there r real people out there kinda motivates me to write. thanks.

im also here to discuss another fact of the "Wolves of Seranton Falls". I think that will be the trilogy name *cough* i mean book name.

anyways. here's you're excerpt from the Lycanthropus Gramata (this is the werewolf 101 textbook in lmite)

"A courting Wolf is a sight to behold. Most mates are instantly bound to one another though some experience hurdles. These hurdles can have horrible effects though. A Wolf who senses His mate but cannot behold them begins to deteriorate. First, He will go through a ravenous Heat, satiated only by His mates touch. During this time, His temperature will escalate and there is little to lessen this. Eventually the Heat will subside and a depressive longing will grow, tearing the Wolf apart. During this time, Wolves may experience Hunger. It is sometimes seen that a Wolf may harm His mate unintentionally in His frenzy to compensate for the intimacy He was denied. The need for a mates touch is so powerful, most wolves will have found their mate. Should the process continue however, wolves can wither away. Their minds will be racked with delusion and their bodies poisoned by solitude. In the end, most die from a broken heart, or become husks of their former selves. In these extreme cases, a mate may have died.

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