Chapter Sixteen

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I woke up in bed. For a second, I remembered nothing. The sunlight breached the blinds the same they did at home. My eyes were barely open and I lay in between sleep and dream. But the bliss of unconsciousness was short-lived. In my sleep, as I absentmindedly trailed my hands over the blankets, I didn't recognize the heavy down of the blankets. Mine were light and worn.

Then, everything came rushing back to me.

Cain. Our kiss. His words. Him suffocating me. The darkness of his eyes.

I sat up abruptly. Or tried to. There was a terrible ache in my chest. I couldn't hold myself up, it hurt too much. I tried to muster the strength to swing my legs over the edge of the bed but my attempt sent shockwaves of pain tingling down my spine. I felt tears again. Where was I? And what did Cain do to me?

Suddenly, I heard the growing sound of voices and I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I tried my hardest to remain still and fake asleep, even though my heart was pounding. I heard the sound of a door opening and kept my position. The voices stopped and I was suddenly hyper-aware of my own labored breathing. The seconds inched by horribly but I fought to remain as still as possible.

"David," A woman's voice spoke softly. I kind of recognized her voice. Still, I fought to remain expressionless. "David." She repeated just as softly. Against my own will, I felt my eyes begin to stir. I heard a light say and felt a hand tenderly touch my thigh.

"David. We know you're awake."


I slowly opened my eyes, which stung from unreleased tears. I stared at the plain white ceiling ahead. I wouldn't be swayed by female compassion. And whatever was going on with Cain and his sick companions; I wanted no parts.

I felt a hand tenderly caress the side of my face. "It's alright," The woman said.

I tried to maintain my composure but I felt a sob growing in my throat.

"Get it together." I swallowed before opening my mouth to speak.

"What's going on?" I said, my voice breaking as I spoke. I still stared at the ceiling as I waited for the woman to reply. A few moments passed before she spoke.

"You had an...accident" She replied, stressing the word accident.

I felt a tear slide down the side of my cheek. "Accident? She knew damn well this was Cain's fault."

I was imbued with a sudden sense of brazenness. I turned my head to meet the woman's gaze. Her brunette tresses were messy but they did nothing to hide her angelic beauty. I almost didn't recognize her from how put together she was when we'd first met. But I knew her voice. "Mrs. Reynolds."

I guess she noticed the recognition in my eyes but she offered nothing but a small smile. I turned away from her to see who else was participating in Cain's atrocities. I turned to see Inez and Nurse Jane standing near the door. Inez's expression was indifferent while Nurse Jane looked down at her shoes.

This time I couldn't stop the tears. They flowed continuously. I turned my attention back to the ceiling.

"I don't know whats going on," I said silently, as I choked back my sob. "But I want to go home."

Mrs. Reynolds sighed but didn't speak. And it stayed agonizingly silent until I spoke again.

"Please." I said meekly. No one replied.

Suddenly the entire house shook. And then there was shouting. I couldn't distinguish between the voices but it sounded bad. And then there was the sound of something slamming into a wall. And more shouting but it sounded closer this time. Mrs. Reynolds stood abruptly and I turned my attention to the door. The slamming was even closer and I heard a deep growl. Almost primal. Inez and Nurse Jane exchanged glances. Suddenly, the noise stopped.

And then the door flew. Literally flew. The wood splintered and the door flew against the bed, rattling it. And there was Cain. His chest was heaving as he looked at me. He was bloody, with gashes across his face and his shirt was torn. His eyes were dark and they reminded me of when he had held me against the wall.

Then he stilled. As in his whole body was heaving drastically and then suddenly he was calm. His eyes returned to their normal reflective color. I noticed Inez held a hand on his back. Nurse Jane had retreated to a corner. I turned to Mrs. Reynolds and she turned her gaze from Cain to me. She opened her mouth to speak before she closed it as if she thought better of it. I turned my eyes to Cain who held my gaze. "What the hell is going on?"

Cain still stared at me with a smoldering expression. I heard voices coming down the hallway. A group of men entered; all were disheveled. They were all tall-muscled fellows. One man had a huge gash across his chest, his shirt torn, revealing the leaking flesh. "Had Cain done that?" They turned their attention to Mrs. Reynolds who seemed to be thinking.

"Tim. Donovan. Take Jane downstairs." She said.

I realized Nurse Jane hadn't moved from her place in the corner of the room. She must've been terrified."Good."

"And what about Cain?" One of the men replied.

Mrs. Reynolds turned her attention to me again, as if she had forgotten I was here. She then flashed a glance towards Inez who was still saddled next to Cain. She turned back to the men awaiting her instructions.

"Get Ryland." She said firmly. The men split up, two men, Tim and Donovan, went to escort Nurse Jane downstairs. The others went downstairs to fetch "Ryland". "Wait. As in Ryland D. Solomon?"

And sure enough, a few moments later. Mr. Solomon walks through the door, heavy creases lining his forehead. He glanced around the room several times, from Cain and Inez, to Mrs. Reynolds, then to me laying in the bed. The creases in his forehead seemed to grow deeper.

He spoke to Inez first. "Take Cain to his room." A deep growl echoed through the room. I was wholly taken aback but no one else seemed phased. Cain glared at the elder man murderously. Mr. Solomon tossed a glance my way before addressing Cain. "None of that now! You've already done enough. Not only to your pack members but look at David! He's in the bed battered and afraid!"

Cain turned to me and his angry expression softened. Mrs. Reynolds cleared her throat. "Ryland. We need to get started. Can you help Cain while I talk to David?"

Her words sent anxious waves to my stomach. I was scared. After everything I'd just witnessed, the last thing I wanted was to be alone with Cain's mother. Mr. Solomon's eyes focused on me. His features were still stern. He muttered to himself before walking to Inez who seemed to get the hint. Inez placed a hand on Cain's back, while Mr. Solomon stood, arms folded across his chest, waiting. "Let's go downstairs Cain." Inez said gently. At first, Cain was still, then he slowly stepped towards the door. Before he disappeared however, he threw a longing glance my way, his eyes were again their dazzling gold hue. My heart clenched, but the feelings disappeared as soon as they came because Mrs. Reynolds stepped into my view, her "sympathetic" smile making my heart thump anxiously. 

"What did she want with me?"

I noticed everyone had exited the room.  It was just me and Cain's mother. She sat on the edge of the bed and placed one hand on my leg. I met her gaze and gulped.  I guess I was about to find out.

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