Chapter Nineteen

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Ik this chapter is short but I have a lil surprise for u guys pleaseee be patient.

Cain held my hand the entire walk up the three flights of stairs. He kept my hand in his as we walked towards a door at the end of a hallway, the opposite side of where I had woken up. Even as we crossed the threshold into a large bedroom, my hand was still in Cain's.

I turned to ask for my hand but Cain's arms encircled my waist and he pulled me flush against him. His scent entered my nose and I inhaled deeply. Cain nudged my head to side and grazed the side of my neck, inhaling deeply. Cain pulled back suddenly but held me firmly against him still.

He looked hard into my eyes. I expected dark irises but I was greeted by soft, golden orbs. "I-" He began but stopped.
"Cain? Stuttering."

He continued. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" I felt a multitude of emotions at once. Anger. Resentment. How the hell did he think he could stalk me, kidnap me, and force me to be with him, and then apologize?

But I also felt pity. "And understanding?"

Because I realized then that I was in fact being courted by a werewolf. Or lycanthrope.

I also, for some reason, felt humor. "I'm actually kidnapped by a werewolf" And I started to chuckle lightly. Cain's grip tightened on me and I was reminded of what my situation actually was. "Oh so this is the Stockholm Syndrome."

"Sorry," I began. "It's just, you're actually a werewolf aren't you?"

Cain's expression shifted from wrinkled confusion to an understanding straight face. He let go of me but grabbed my hand before leading me to the large king-size bed. "Now this is the part where he takes me."

We sat down side by side, my hand still resting in his. "Yes." He said simply.

"Well there it is" "Okay." I said.

"Is that it?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said flatly, turning to stare at the floor. "So this is it."

It was Cain's laugh, hearty but musical, that dissipated my thoughts. "The wolf was laughing?"

"Yeah?" He repeated, laughing. "Sorry, I just expected you to react differently."

The truth was I didn't know how to react. Here I was. In the company of a sadistic, (sadistic?), stalker werewolf. Laughing. Holding his hand. And enjoying it.

"I think I need to sleep." "That's it. Some sleep is just what I need. Just yesterday I got choked out by my werewolf hubby."

I examined Cain's face. He had worry etched in his features but he shook his head. Not letting go of my hand, Cain gently pulled me alongside him as he lay against the array if pillows that were propped on the bed. The satin sheets were heaven against my skin. Cain pulled me against his warm body, looking me deep in my eyes while he grabbed my leg and draped it over his. My head lay against his firm chest where I could drink deeply of his infectious scent.

I shifted and lifted my hand from underneath him and placed it on his chest. I don't know why, I just felt compelled to let show him I liked this. Cain's grip on me parted. He begin to move his face towards my neck, where he inhaled deeply. "You smell so good." He said huskily. I hiccuped lightly. He was making me delirious.

I began to pull away. I couldn't. Not like this.

Despite my efforts, Cain held me against him. "Hey, hey, I'll stop." He said gently. I stopped struggling at his light tone. I relaxed and Cain lightly loosened his grip on me. I placed my head back against his chest and let his rhythmic heartbeat lull me to sleep.

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