Chapter Eighteen

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I sat on the edge of the bed with my feet planted in the same spot for I don't know how long. In my mind, I replayed the events that had transpired over and over again but it didn't feel like it was real. It was when the sound of knuckles against wood that shook me from my trance. I turned my head to see Alexander standing in the doorway with folded clothes held out in surrender. His face had a sheepish grin and I couldn't help but feel hopeful. Maybe he was the key to getting out of here.

"Alp- Ahem." He coughed and scratched the back of his head. "Mr. Reynolds says come with me and shower so you can get dressed for dinner." He stopped talking abruptly and stared at the floor. "This is my shot."

I struggled to my feet. I was aware of the faint pins and needles in my toes but other than that, I had no pain. I smiled to myself before joining Alexander at the doorway; together we made our way down a long hallway. There were several large dents and numerous holes in the hallway walls. As we made our way around a corner, a large red stain was sprayed along one side of the wall. "Blood."

I thought back to the commotion earlier. These had to be remnants of what had happened earlier. "So..Cain....did this?" It couldn't be possible. And Alexander seemed unbothered by everything. Against my better judgment, I asked Alexander.

"Did Cain do this?" I said, trying to appear as unbothered as he was. Maybe he'd see me as trustworthy.

Alexander paused his walking. He turned to me and opened his mouth but closed it and turned as if he thought better of it. He resumed his walking and I fell behind, discouraged by his response. We reached a door and Alexander led my inside. It was furnished very simply. Only a twin-sized mattress and a small lamp on a bedside dressed were in the room. There was a duffle-bag open on the bed.

"Your things are in the bag. When you're done, I'll be outside." And with that, Alexander left the room. I heard the sound of a key sliding into a lock and a click. I sat on the bed and put my hand in my hands. "So I'm fucking prisoner."

I was seconds away from crying. But even in my pity, I was strangely curious. If what the Reynolds were saying was true. Even in the slightest, what had I become involved with. Cain and I were supposed to be "mates"? And if I didn't want to be with him, he'd die? "Not like I had much of a choice."

But I do have a choice. I could try to escape. I know I probably wouldn't make it too far. But better to die escaping than live life as a prisoner. "Damn I'm already turning into a martyr."

I headed into the restroom. There was a small window, nothing I could climb out of, and besides, even if I had wanted to, a small tug proved it was locked. Outside there were several cars and two large white vans. I noticed I had to have been in a small neighborhood. A small, wealthy neighborhood because the two houses outside were gigantic. They rivaled even Cain's house. Several people were out and about and there were children playing in the yard of one of the homes. "I'm fucked."

So I did what I thought anybody else would do in my situation. Play along. I showered, taking care to scrub every inch of my body. And when I was done, I got dressed. There were indeed my clothes in the duffle bag. How they got them, I don't know but I hope it didn't involve my mother. My heart clenched at the thought but I pushed the feelings aside; worrying wasn't going to help me now. Originally, I was going to wear a t-shirt and sweats but when Alexander saw my outfit, he told me to change into something more appropriate. "I guess the attire for kidnap dinner was semiformal." That thought made me laugh.

I put on a t-shirt and jeans and Alexander deemed it appropriate. We started down the hallway again, this time Alexnder and I walked side by side, I wanted him to know I was complying. We approached a staircase and headed downstairs. I came to learn I was on the third floor. The house seemed pretty empty.

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