Chapter Six

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I grudgingly opened my eyes to the horrid trill of my alarm clock. I was having the best sleep. The kind where your body sinks into the softness of your bed and you float through your dreams. All ended by the worst noise known to man.

"Fucking Apple alarm."

I forced myself to turn over and switched my phone off. I checked the team, noticing it was a little brighter than it usually was at the time I wake up.

"Seven A.M. Fuck"

I jerked myself out of bed, running to dresser to grab a towel. My first period teacher was an asshole and wouldn't hesitate to right us up for tardiness. Not to mention he sped through the lecture. I hurried and grabbed a pair of boxers, rushing into my bathroom and turning on the shower.

I scrubbed vigorously and quickly before ducking my hair under the shower head. I thought back to yesterday and my lewd thoughts about James. I mentally reminded myself to text him.

I hopped out of the shower and speedily dried myself off. I checked the time. Our classes started at eight but my teacher took attendance at seven-fifty. I had thirty minutes to get to class. I slipped on my boxers and rushed to my closet. I chose a navy blue sweater and a pair of khaki chinos. Simple but stylish. After slipping on my shoes and fixing my hair in the mirror, I called Jamie. The phone rung a couple times until the line clicked.

Jamie you need to get here quick!" I spat out rapidly.

"Um, first off calm the fuck down. And second, I'm outside bitch!"

"This is why we're friends" I thought passionately.

I quickly shot James a good morning text and grabbed my backpack, dashing out of my room. As I came downstairs, I noticed my mom passed out on the couch, as usual. I grabbed the blanket we kept folded on the couch and spread it over her, adjusting the small pillow she had propped under. I placed a peck on her head and headed through the front door. A light breeze lifted through my damp hair and I breathed in the slightly chilled air that hinted at an early fall. I smiled as Jamie opened the door, waving at my to come on.

I broke into a light jog and hopped into the car. I snapped my seatbelt in place and we were on our way.

I was lucky enough to make it to first period on time. I was surprised that my first period teacher hadn't begun the lecture until seven-fifty four. I had strolled in at seven-fifty three. Doctor Ryland Dior Solomon was a man of punctuality and accuracy. He was condescending at times but only because he held himself on a pedestal. Solomon taught honors human anatomy and had a reputation for ruining GPA's and your mood for the day.

As I headed to my seat, I noticed something confounding. Of course Cain Reynolds was in honors human anatomy but, why did he stare at my while I walked to my seat. And not subtly either, turning his head to watch me as I nervously struggled past my classmates. His eyes caught the light and I felt my breathe deepen. Even at our distance, his eyes were entrancing. free His eyes flicked to my lower half and then back to my face. Did I have something on my pants? Are my shoes ugly?

In my mental frenzy, I slammed my shin into the legs of a desk.

"Fuck" I hissed as pain rocketed from my ankle to my knee.

I heard the squeal of rubber against linoleum. I turned to see that Cain's desk had shifted. As I stared, I noticed Cain had caught Mr. Solomon's attention. They stared until Cain looked away and shifted his desk into its position. I made my way to my seat, I felt the heat of Cain's gaze on my back.

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