Chapter Five

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*mild smut warning*

I woke up the next day with a slight headache and dry lips. I was wearing the same clothes and my mouth tasted foul. As I turned to my side I brushed against a warm frail body, wincing as the slight motion aggravated the pressure in my skull.

What the hell?

I pulled the covers off of the mystery person and sighed in relief. Jamie stirred in her sleep. Her eyes opened and she cracked a small smile.

"Good morning" She said cheerfully.

I gently lay back against my pillow, careful to not agitate my headache.

Jamie sat up. She poked me in the back. I winced in pain. Apparently my head wasn't the only thing reeling from last night. Last night's events started coming back to me. The drinking. Storming away from Jamie. James'. His kiss.

"Cain's eyes"

"Now that you're woke," Jamie began, "What the hell happened last night? Was that the boy you were texting? Hello?"

I sighed. I wish Jamie hadn't remembered.

"It'd be nice if I couldn't remember" I thought.

"Can you go in the bathroom and bring me Advil?"

"Okay but you're still gonna tell me who that fine ass guy was and why kissed you."

Jamie got up as I began to ponder James' kiss. His tender pink lips against mines. I felt a blush creeping on.

Jamie came back, the pill bottle rattling as she hurried back to the bed, eager to here the tale of the boy with the green eyes.

"Here you go"

I quickly unscrewed the cap and popped two pills into my mouth. I grabbed the water bottle off my dresser and quickly downed the pills. The water brought much needed relief to my chapped lips. I realized I was very much thirsty and finished the entire bottle.

It occurred to me to check my phone. I reached into my pockets, relieved I hadn't lost my wallet or phone during last night's charades.

I saw James name flash across the screen. I read his messages.


'hope things arent weird. i jus think ur cute'

'text back whenever lol'

I smiled.

"Um hello," Jamie said, interrupting my thoughts. "Spill!"

As the pressure in my head began to lessen, I decided to tell Jamie about James. I set my phone down and started my recount.


Jamie had gone home about an hour ago. After I finished telling her about James, she shrieked and hugged me. Although I never talked to Jamie about my relationship problems (not like I had any to begin with), I was grateful she was here for me. It made a little sad that I hadn't been hanging with Jamie as much.

Once I felt sure I wouldn't throw up or pass out, I decided to wash yesterday off of my body. I grabbed a change of clothes and a towel before heading to shower.

A turn of a knob and I was being pelted by steamy water. It was luxurious. The heat was much needed. As I lathered my body in soap, it was as if the knots and aches from last night were being softened. As I rinsed, they began to disappear. It felt good. Too good.

Suddenly, I felt the familiar heat of arousal begin in my stomach, the heat of the water increasing my sensuality. I thought back to James and our kiss. The feeling of his firm chest. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, my hand itching to relieve myself. I paused momentarily, embarrassed at the thought of pleasuring myself to a boy I barely knew.

"He wants you too."

The thought sent me overboard. I began working myself at an even pace, imagining James hands caressing my body. His lips on my neck. I sped up, groaning as the forewarning feeling of release pent up in my stomach. I imagined James' piercing green eyes edging me on, his sheepish smile turned devilish. I continued to pump until I felt my stomach muscles tense. I sucked in a breathe as I came. I leaned my back against the cool shower tiles. My legs felt a rubbery.

Much relieved, I got out of the shower and changed. I looked in the mirror. Besides the small gash on my head and the bags under my eyes, I looked okay.

I turned off the restroom light and plopped down on the bed. I slipped on pajama bottoms and a shirt before I headed downstairs. My stomach growled as I lumbered down the stairs. My mom wasn't home but there was food neatly piled in the refrigerator. I took out chicken, and potatoes and veggies. I stared at the yellow lights as the microwave hummed. The way the yellow parted the darkness of the kitchen reminded me of something. I remembered Cain's magnificent eyes. And his sturdy chest. The scent of pine, and what I assumed to be Cain's very own signature scent.

I suddenly recalled the vehemence his face had portrayed when I grabbed him. I started to wonder what it'd be like at school. I didn't do anything but grab onto him but Cain acted as if I had violated him. The microwave dinged, releasing me from my thoughts. I grabbed a plate and piled it high before retreating to my room. Still I contemplated my interaction with Cain, recalling the depth of his eyes. They were so entrancing, it was as if time slowed down as we locked eyes.

I wondered what happened to him after I left the party. I wonder who would win in a fight between Cain and Leon. For some reason, it was especially displeasing for me to imagine Cain submitting to Leon, even though Leon was a forced to be reckoned with. The sadistic smirk he had as he was held back flashed through my mind.

"I hope Cain won." My phone vibrated. It was a text from my mother.

'Be home late. Love you' Late for my mom meant two or three in the morning.

My mom was the nurse at a hospital. She worked a lot of hours to support my family. She wasn't home very often but when she was, was cooking food for the week. With school, we usually saw each other for a few minutes before we were sleep or leaving. I was grateful for all that she did even when she didn't have to. In this case, I was exceptionally grateful that she wouldn't get to see the gash on the side of my head. I needed more time to figure out what I'd tell her if she saw.

I remembered then that I should respond to James' messages. I grabbed my food and headed upstairs. I placed it on my dresser and sat down, grabbing my phone so I could send James a text.

'hey james sorry i was so hung over'

I grabbed my food and chowed down. After awhile, my phone buzzed.

'nun much. glad i didnt scare you off'

'no way' I texted back.

James and I continued texting as I ate. Eventually, he said he had to do homework and that he'd text me back later. I was actually happy because the food I had ate and the softness of the blankets was lulling me to sleep. I set an alarm for school in the morning and plugged my phone up. Pulling the covers around me, I turned on my side and put my head against the pillow. I nearly sighed in content. I decided I'd dream of my green-eyed prince as I fell asleep. I imagined his green eyes and brunette curls in the party light. He looked so nice.

But as I drifted off, the green eyes lightened. The brunette locks became black and stubble grew along James' sheepish grin. The eyes were pots of honey now. Swirling. Beckoning.


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