Chapter Twenty

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I woke up hugged against Cain's chest. Although the scene was eerily calm, I couldn't manage to stop my heart from speeding up. Cain was asleep and I took the opportunity to study his face. And he was beautiful. And he looked so peaceful; it felt like I shouldn't be looking at him. But I couldn't stop staring at his lips. And his feathery lashes that draped over his solemn eyes. My breathe hitched as Cain suddenly pulled me closer against him. His eyes opened sleepily and he cracked a lazy smile. I felt my cheeks heat up. "This is too intimate."

Cain draped his head over my neck and inhaled deeply. "You smell so good." He crooned in his raspy morning bass. The butterflies that had steadily grown in my stomach were in a frenzy. The scent of pine wafted across my nose and I couldn't help but inhale. I felt Cain's chest rumble as he let out a low growl. But I had no fear. I turned my gaze to his and I was entranced by the now black orbs. I was hot. No, we were hot. But I wanted to get closer. Somehow, my hand ended up on Cain's chest. I started to move it but Cain's hand rushed to keep it against him. I started to speak but my thoughts were scattered by Cain grabbing my waist, pulling my into his lap.I placed both of my hand against his chest in a feeble attempt yo maintain my distance but Cain persisted, pulling me closer.

"Cain, I-"

"No." He said lowly, before wrapping his arms around my waist, and angling his head over mines so he could attack my neck. The attention he was showing my neck, the suckling and faint kisses had me panting. I tried to protest but all that come out were shaky half-moans. Cain paused to run a hand under my shirt. His hand was insanely hot, and I nearly crumbled at the ecstasy. Cain's chest rumbled again and I became aware of his hard appendage pressing against my thigh. "Holy shit."

Cain had me. I wanted nothing more than to take off my clothes and let him have his way with me. And it was as if Cain heard my thoughts because he roughly pushed me on my back and kneeled over me. He slowly brought his face towards mines but it was me who closed the distance. I poured all my want into that kiss. Cain didn't miss a beat as he pressed me back into the bed and expertly worked my mouth. I brought my hands from my sides and ran them under Cain's shirt, just as he'd done to me. Cain growled into my mouth and in a flash, ripped my shirt off, throwing the pieces to the floor. He had just torn his own off when there was a pounding on the door.

Cain's father entered the room just moments later and a booming growl tore through the air.

Cain and his father stood in heated confrontation. No words were spoken between the too but the rigidity in the pairs body spoke volumes. Then Cain stepped aside, reluctance plastered across his face. Mr. Reynolds came to face me. He let out a light sigh before addressing me.

"David. How are you?"

"Great. You walking in on your son ravishing me is the icing on the kidnapping and betrothal cake."

"I'm fine"

"That's good to hear." He said enthusiastically. He turned to Cain and the two exchanged another glance.

"Well, there's someone I want you to meet as soon as you're decent." Mr. Reynolds headed back out the door but stopped at the doorway. "But don't keep me waiting."

And with that he was gone. Cain came and rejoined me on the bed, a scowl on his face. "Bastard" He muttered.

I showered and got dressed. Cain led me downstairs were the mysterious visitor was awaiting me. Cain held my hand the entire way down the stairs and I couldn't lie; I was starting to grow fond of his presence. "Good ol Stockholm."

We reached the bottom of the staircase and Mrs. Reynolds greeted us. She had a light smile on her face. We followed her into a large study, adorned with bookcases and a single large table.

Mr. Solomon was there with Alex, Inez, and the Reynolds. And a tall, white haired woman who I had not met. "David." She exhaled as I approached.

Well, why I hadn't known her, she was surely aware of me. I didn't expect very much from this encounter; another opportunity for me to get training in being the perfect "mate" for my werewolf boyfriend.

I didn't realize how right I was.

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