Chapter 49 - The last request

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No matter how much Tetsuko tried, she couldn't sense her wielder's energy inside his body anymore. And she knew what that meant.

He's gone. Alonso has been possessed by the tainted blood of the worshiper completely, she thought. Then she was surprised by her own sadness. Guess after everything we've been through together, I'm gonna miss him.

The worshiper tried to punch Faela with the free hand, but the soldier dodged without letting go of her sword. Then she tried kicking his hand, but before she could hit, he swung her weapon. The instant she brought her foot back to the stone floor to keep her balance, he let go of her weapon and dashed across the room.

His objective was clear: he wanted his sword. He wanted Tetsuko.

For an instant, the soul inside the blade thought about pouring her energy towards the ground and become too heavy even for a worshiper to lift her. However, when Alonso's hand reached out to her handle, she gave up that idea and made no effort to stop him from using her.

Now that Alonso is gone, this worshiper will face many strong enemies. Maybe even an entire army by himself. And I can become stronger by devouring their energies.

Even though she had no blood in her metal body, just the thought was enough to make her shiver with excitement. I will become the strongest sword in this world. There will be nothing that I won't be able to cut!

However, all those thoughts were gone the instant her new wielder closed the hand around her handle. The ancient and dark energy inside him was different than all the others she had felt so far.

It's much... stronger than... I thought...

She was getting dizzier by the instant. I can feel it... I'm gonna drown... My soul is gonna drown and become part of that ancient energy...

Though she had no lungs, in her mind, she took deep breaths to keep her consciousness from fading. If I faint now, that energy's gonna take over me... I won't let that...

Even now, she could feel it coursing through Alonso's arm and penetrating her handle, trying to poison her soul as well.

I won't let you!

I'm Tetsuko! If I can't forge the strongest sword, I'll become the strongest! I won't let some ancient demon or whatever take over my soul!

Concentrating her energy, she channeled on her handle, pushing back all the demonic Celeste. When it was out of her, she made sure that poisonous and ancient energy couldn't flow through her wielder's fingers and into her.

The worshiper didn't seem to realize any of the struggle that occurred in mere instants. He was focused on drawing the sword and blocking Faela's weapon, which was aimed at his throat.

"Uncle!" Celia shouted, her tears flying everywhere as she shook her head. "No! Please! Come back to me!"

It's useless, little lady. Even your voice won't reach him. Alonso is gone.

Or so she thought. The moment the worshiper turned to the noble girl, he grew still. At the same time, the soul inside the sword felt something.

It was faint, almost like a dying heart giving its best to keep beating. No matter how weak it was, she felt it.

He's still alive, she thought, awestruck. Somewhere inside the worshiper, Alonso's soul is still alive. Like an ember in a storm.

However, Tetsuko didn't feel any joy in that. It made no difference. She knew it was only a matter of time before the ancient and dark Celeste devoured what was left of her former wielder's soul along with the remains of Lucky Chaos.

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