Chapter 44 - The Grand Priest part 2

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Even Alonso couldn't stop trembling as the Grand priest stared at him. With the left hand on the handle of the sword, he clutched the wrist as hard as he could. It wasn't enough to stop the shaking.

There's no human... in the world... who wouldn't fear... facing that monster... Even Yasuhiro-sama... would hesitate... for a moment...

But even if you're afraid... you have to fight her... Or you'll die, she projected her thoughts to her wielder.

The swordsman breathed through his mouth, trying to control it, as he placed the right hand on the handle. Slowly, the trembling grew weaker until it stopped and his breathing was steady.

The Grand priest showed no sign of concern as she got closer. "It's sad you cannot accept the Truth, my Lord." Despite the massacre she had just caused, her voice was calm, almost dreamy.

Even with the fear on his face, Alonso snorted. "When your truth means death, it's hard to for people to get on board with that."

The worshiper shook her head. "You still don't understand, my Lord. That's why is sad. I wanted to make you understand the Truth, but I guess it's impossible..."

The moment she finished speaking, she charged, covering the distance between them in the blink of an eye. Before Alonso realized, she swung her naginata at him.

Alonso! Tetsuko shouted in her mind, but at once she knew her wielder couldn't react in time.

Despite the pain caused by the worshiper, the soul in the sword forced all her energy to the side, moving her body to block the Grand priest's blade.

As metal collided, the sparks flew, the sound resonating and echoing in the tunnels of the mines as if it were a loud drum.

The impact shook throughout Alonso's body. Only then he seemed to realize what was happening. But it was too late.

The grand priest was already attacking again, striking the lord on the chest with her open palm.

Alonso tensed his muscles and braced for the impact.

It made no difference. When the palm hit him, he lost all the lung in his air and flew, smashing against a wall. And he had no time to recover.

The worshiper shortened the distance again, stabbing at him with the naginata.

Even out of air, out of reflex, the swordsman swung the sword to deflect the blade.

Despite the pain from the poisonous energy from the worshiper, Tetsuko flowed her energy and helped to resist the attack.

Though barely, the plan had worked. Alonso was safe and the naginata's blade buried deep on the wall of the mine.

However, the Grand priest didn't seem bothered by that. Almost casually, she used both hands to swing the weapon. The blade sliced stone as if nothing, leaving a deep gash in the wall.

Thanks to Tetsuko's metal, Alonso wasn't cut in half but was sent flying again. He hit the ground and rolled down a little hill until he stopped.

Even with her senses impaired due to the pain and all the raw living metal around them, Tetsuko could tell they were in a wider area, almost like an atrium in the middle of the mine. Around them were carts, pickaxes, remnants of old and also unused torches.

This might be the center of the mine, Tetsuko thought. If we could at least lit some of those torches...

Though to her it made little difference, her wielder couldn't see anything in that complete darkness.

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