Chapter 37 - The weapons

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After he cleaned the last weapon, Baltasar took a step back to look at the work. A wild smile crossed his face. "We did it... we did it!"

The old man's expression matched his voice; he was awestruck by the weapons.

Tetsuko couldn't blame him; she was feeling the same. From her standing support, she was proud despite not striking the hammer once.

Even if the sword and the sets of arrowheads were only prototypes, they were strong.

Tetsuko sensed as the metal transformed and was molded as the blacksmith worked on it.

But will these weapons will be enough to fight the Worshipers?

It had been hard. Even with the folding technique, it was hard to increase the purity to a higher level and many prototypes had been lost.

Even if they had to start from zero many times, neither blacksmith felt discouraged. Every failure only made them talk more and more about how to overcome that.

After days, they had finally managed to create two types of weapons.

Even without touching the metal, Tetsuko could tell the prototypes much better than the regular weapon used in the fights so far.

It's not pure living metal like me, but the level of purity is high enough. But being pure doesn't mean anything if it can't handle the flow of Celeste...

"We... need to check if it works," the old blacksmith said after a long while admiring the work. He blinked a couple times with his good eye, almost as if forcing himself to wake from a trance.

Y-yes... Let me touch the metal, Tetsuko asked the man.

With great care, Baltasar took the sword from the standing support and drew her. He brought it down, but before he touched blade against the prototype, he stopped to admire the pure living metal sword again.

Even though it hadn't been the first time, Tetsuko understood the man and said nothing.

Finally, the man lowered her metal body towards the sword they had forged.

Though it was made using part of the knowledge the Japanese blacksmith brought, that blade could cut with both edges.

The soldiers from this world have a hard time adapting to a katana in such a short time. Maybe in the future I can make a Japanese blade with a high level of pure living metal, she thought. But for now, we need to make a usable one.

The moment the metals touched, Tetsuko felt it; that blade was the closest thing to her in that world. She closed the eyes she didn't have and made her energy flow into that sword.

Even though it wasn't part of her, she could feel as her Celeste penetrated the other sword, coursing and filling the blade as if it was part of her own body. And then she felt as the sword reacted to it.

The prototype vibrated.

She risked making the flow faster.

The sword vibrated more but it wasn't like the others Tetsuko had seen, which shattered in a few instants.

The core of the blade was stable. It reacted to the Celeste as well, but the vibration came from the edge.

Baltasar flashed a smile of wonder.

"The metal isn't breaking... The folding technique was enough to keep a high level of purity while mixing with a less conductive metal!" he shouted and let out his hearty laugh. But at once he stopped and moved to the others prototypes. "How about the arrowheads?"

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