Chapter 12 - The sword and the wielder

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When the new wielder drew her, Tetsuko felt it.

Even without seeing what happened around her, she knew.

The Noble man she didn't like was gone. In his place was someone ready to fight.

It's like a completely different man, the soul in the blade thought.

If she could, she would be smiling.

Tetsuko felt the thirst for battle, for blood all around her.

As she opened her eyes and looked around, she realized everyone here was ready to fight.

No... they're not only ready... they want to fight, want to cross blades... They want to crush their enemies.

She was a blacksmith first. Only then she was a fighter.

But even Tetsuko could feel it in the air.

She closed her eyes and concentrated.

It was faint, almost a whisper, but she felt the stream.

Inside the soldiers, there was the same energy as hers.

Though weak in most in that camp, the flow was red, warm and constant.

They're out for blood... But whose?

Whom will they fight against?

Could it be... the rest of Fael's people?

Even though the young warrior was their only connection, Tetsuko didn't want the Tribes of the Forest to be exterminated.

But if these soldiers are after them, what could a sword do?

The nobleman looked around.

The same person who had given Tetsuko to the Lord came running.

"My lord Alonso," the advisor said, bowing.

"Do you have any information about the bandits' lair, Enrique?"

"Yes, sir. They have been hiding in a small forest southwest of here. They were disguising as merchants and robbing far away from their lair. But one of their victims followed them. He informed us, and our scouts have confirmed," the advisor informed.

The Lord nodded and hummed in approval.

"Excellent. We need to attack as soon as we can. I can't take this camp anymore. Are the troops ready?" Alonso asked, and the advisor said a short and strong yes. "Excellent. Then tell them to start marching."

It didn't take long for the troops to depart after the Lord's order.

In the back of the column and well protected from every side, was Alonso.

In his waist, loose inside that sheath that was too big, was Tetsuko.

The sword had no more blood in her, but she could feel something tingling inside her.

She didn't enjoy these kinds of fights when she was human.

Whenever her Lord went to fight somewhere far away and needed to bring a blacksmith, she refused.

I belong in a forge, not in a camp, she used to say every time.

But now she didn't mind the frenzy of an army battling.

In fact, she wanted one. She wanted to be used.

That's what a sword is made for.

She looked up at the man who would use her.

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